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    How Technology Revolutionized the US Healthcare System?

    Globally, the different industries and their functions have attuned themselves to the changing dimensions of technology. You can feel the change in the service delivery methods as well as in the advances made by these industries. The real impact of technology on an industry can be measured by the way healthcare industry has progressed and the advances made in the industry following the technology footsteps. From healthcare delivery to the whole structure of a healthcare organization, the impact is huge and impressive. From data collection to patient care, technology has truly revolutionized the way healthcare functions. Fresh & innovative ways of practicing medicine combined with unique tools help providers’ impact patient care in a positive manner.

    While, you see advancement in almost all segments of healthcare, here we will discuss some of the finer points that have made an impact on healthcare delivery.

    Increased Accessibility

    With technological aided healthcare systems, patient care has become more accessible and tangible. The quality of life has improved significantly with the new patient care techniques. Researched techniques have made healthcare effective. The huge data available has led to increased opportunities for enhanced service delivery, impacting accessibility of healthcare at all levels.

    Improved Care

    Patient care is an important part of healthcare delivery. Using reliable information obtained using technology such as EHR, reliable applications and scalable solutions can be delivered to make patient care techniques safe and secure.

    One such example of enhanced patient care is the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which captures the necessary information, and stores it to the local device. The PDA can be connected to a mobile or other devices through software applications, thus improving the pace of service delivery. If your patient is critical, and you need to send the information to the concerned doctor, PDA connected through various systems is your best bet. It has expedited service delivery in major hospitals, and improved overall efficiency. A centralized data system where all patient data is stored has helped pull out necessary records at the right time. In fact, this system helps in cases where the doctor in charge is unavailable, and a secondary care giver has to take charge. The centralized system not only stores the updated information on the patient, but also keeps a record of the patient’s history.

    Reduced Costs

    Electronic health records have become an inherent part of healthcare technology, which has resulted in reduced costs and enhanced patient health. The central database that stores the patient data can be accessed in remote settings too. The data coordination and management is more efficient because of which there is more transparency within the system that has increased efficiency. The advances in imaging techniques as well as diagnostic processes has enhanced patient care and made it more accurate.

    Improved Diagnosis

    Earlier diagnosis of diseases and offering care used to be difficult, which prolonged patient care. But, with the right software applications, you can classify illness and their causes as well as symptoms in a single database. This database then helps providers track, and utilize the necessary data that will eventually help them fight diseases and improve healthcare outcomes. With the right tracking procedures and assured methods, you can reduce paperwork, and improve healthcare quality.

    Improved Collaboration

    Communication between the different healthcare providers was difficult in the past. Looks like healthcare technology solutions have brought around a cure for that too. With the different applications, care providers and patients can not only communicate with ease, but also manage the different aspects of healthcare easily. Communication between the different providers has also become easy with the collaborative solutions leading to increased transparency and efficiency.

    Healthcare has truly revolutionized due to various technology systems being implemented. With an aim to improve patient care, the different applications aim to improve the overall delivery of healthcare industry.

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