Things to know before migrating SAP System to Cloud Platform

  • Published : Jul,31,2018
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 15, 2023
Things to know before migrating SAP System to Cloud Platform
There are many reasons that businesses do not have a cloud migration strategy. The hard drive data is rapidly turning into technologies. Also, we know that Cloud computing is becoming very powerful and cost-effective to get better advantage of changing market and make use of new technology. If we check the current scenario, then the shifting of the cloud will directly or indirectly create $1 trillion by 2020. As it is happening in most of the critical IT sectors along with using 80% of the data traffic in it. Then why not we should switch our system to cloud platform?

Steps to Migrate SAP system to Cloud Platform

One should switch to Cloud to get cost-saving, uncertainty, flexibility, digital transformation, skills, and transformation. Check the below steps to know how it works.
  • Check Compatibility: One need to check the solution is compatible enough to add proposed data from the SAP system.
  • Choosing the Right Size: To get exact size one should know the number of SAP necessary for the SAP system.
  • Choosing the Location: Get close and most appropriate location for your system with taking into extensive area network cost
  • Selecting the Services: It’s necessary to decide proper support for SAP product to get the best services
  • Planning and Budgeting: Next step is to determine what to move first when strategy make migration along with learning your budget and plan.
  • Testing & Cleansing: This point is very significant as it contributes a significant role in testing and gives cleaned data. It can simplify the migration to a great extent.

Things to know before migrating from SAP System to Cloud Platform

  • Do sensible planning for migration: SAP migration needs a strategic plan that decides what to migrate into cloud along with adding SAP landscape, SAP HANA or any other transformation.
  • Launch and touchdown testing: We’ll not find any other opportunity other than lift and shift to the enterprise must change the operating system and offer the best SAP solution which impacts additionally testing.
  • Migration comes great responsibility: It’s essential to establish an SAP production environment using the production-sized legacy system. It makes the climate size a critical thing to use the most massive available virtual machines for migrating.
  • Consider doing things differently: With using the skills in SAP, one needs the expertise to execute the SAP migration to the public cloud. The ideal solution to migrate across multi-layer is to get an upgrade with designing the cloud landscape to run SAP optimally.
  • Minimize time & effort: Many enterprises use SAP data to archive and reduce anomalies. One should minimize the time and labour cost for supporting data which do not add value to it.

Checklist to do while moving from SAP to Cloud System

  • Determine the infrastructure whether it s managed by Operating System, database or SAP essential activities
  • Consider the Cost Drivers by checking upgrade complexity, size of database and downtime impact
  • Implementation option such as third-party cloud infrastructure, cloud vendor and their managed service partner
  • Once the above points are met, one should establish an SLA, timeline with using skilled resources and SAP expert.

In the end, one should bring elasticity, reliability, and scalability to take advantage of the Cloud by adopting the phase-driven migration.

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