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    Top 6 Enterprise Mobility Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2017

    Enterprise mobility is the future of the mobile landscape, and should be the primary focus of your organization when budgeting IT investments for 2017. Around 71% of the enterprises believe mobility is their priority, as it is believed to improve organizational efficiency and productivity. CIOs believe mobility has a profound influence on the growth of these businesses, which is why enterprises are investing more on defining appropriate solutions.

    In a month’s time we will be entering 2017, and it’s time to inspect if your enterprise is ready to take on the New Year? Here are a few trends that you need to incorporate in your enterprise mobile apps to ensure you are ready for 2017.

    Device Management

    In 2017, one of the prominent trends would be the blurring lines between mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile content management. More comprehensive solutions that address enterprise needs related to devices, applications and content in a single suite will be devised for better management and secure accessibility. Packaged or bundled solutions will drive the enterprise front, and will enhance the functionality and increase the flexibility of the end solution.

    Companion Apps

    The way end users interact with desktop and mobile devices is entirely different. According to industry experts, this trend that kickstarted in 2016, will see an effective rise in 2017. The reason for different apps for both desktop and mobile is not just the way users interact but also the fact that people don’t prefer mobile-only app solutions in certain cases. It’s time for enterprises to think through their applications, and ensure that they have understood their mobile and desktop customers perfectly.

    BYOD & Security

    Security is a major concern for the enterprises in the digital era. Increased accessibility and remote working environment combined with Bring your Own Device (BYOD), a concept that is seeing a rise, seems to have affected the security within the enterprises. Employees in the organization can access files and collaborate to complete work in time owing to BYOD. In 2017, enterprises will need to secure the accessibility as well as the framework defined for BYOD.

    Apart from device security, enterprises will need to consider application security too. By incorporating necessary security measures within the mobile devices, you can regulate the accessibility and the application usage. With end point security, you can even tackle basic security issues in the device and the application.

    Multi-platform Apps

    With BYOD, your enterprise should be ready for multiplatform app development. It is important to think cross-platform so that you can cater to customers across the different operating systems. With multiplatform development, you can improve user experience, and increase usability in a collaborative environment. The process of converting your idea into a mobile app is quicker with multi-platform execution.

    Cloud Computing

    Enterprises are increasingly concerned about the security or, the lack of it that is offered by the cloud. In 2017, there will be an increase in the number of affordable and reliable cloud services, so you should opt for migration to cloud. It will help ensure availability of the mission critical apps. With cloud services, you can reduce the downtime for your apps. With cloud being adopted, it is time to combine it with Big Data and mobile with cloud for best results.

    IoT for Enterprises

    IoT comprises of mobile devices and wireless sensors. By combining mobile, wearable, computers and Internet as well as sensors, IoT will take enterprise mobility to the next best level, offering complete collaboration and secure access to information. Real-time insights and informed decision making will lead to quicker decisions and better environment within enterprises owing to IoT. Smart watches, fitness devices etc. will be incorporated in IoT for enterprises to offer seamless and enriching experience. IoT combined with cloud computing and Big Data analytics will help enhance mobility and productivity in enterprises

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