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    How Visual Social Analytics will Impact eCommerce Industry?

    According to Bette Fetter, an author- the ability to draw and communicate visually can no longer be seen as optional. Popular statistics also claim that 80% of what you learn is visual, which is why visual communication has become important in the digital era. Visual social media has brought in a paradigm shift in social media marketing, as a result of the shift from text-based communication to image-based communication.

    Most users are looking beyond Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to sharing and communicating. Instagram and Pinterest, for instance, have raised a good user base; according to Alexa rankings, Pinterest ranks fourth while Instagram ranks seventh. Visual communication is gaining more strength with these two platforms, which has led to a shift in both interaction and analytics.

    With visual platforms gaining importance, the traditional analytics’ method may no longer work the same way as it did before visual social media. It may not gather the information as needed by the end consumer. The early adopters of visual analytics can see that it is going through a nascent stage, but if adopted wholly will offer incredible insights to the business, thus increasing returns.

    What is Visual Social Analytics?

    Let’s assume, you are looking for clothes on a particular eStore. What if the apparel you are looking for has stocked out on that eShop? How will you find if any other online store sells the same or not? How will you know which stores to look out for? Even the keywords may not hand out the results as you want them. At such point in time, you wish for image-based search, which will help you get information on stores that sell this particular apparel.

    When the search content is growing to be different, it is necessary for businesses to come out with methods that will help them track this changing search behavior. Visual social analytics is basically collecting and analyzing this data collected from visual searches to gather insights on how a consumer is interacting with the visual social media. This data will further help eCommerce businesses in understanding their consumers better, and improving their offering in a similar manner.

    Using Visual Social Analytics for Better Connect

    When you want to understand how your people are interacting with the various visual social media sites, you need something more than traditional analytics. You need to understand how and which images are being searched for, what kind of visuals connect with your audience better, and other image based analytics. This calls for tools that can combine image recognition software with interesting statistics to collect the different images from a particular brand, and analyze them for meaningful insights. These tools with the statistical results help in making informed decisions on what products sell, and which products are not connecting with your audience at all.

    eCommerce businesses need to understand that the consumer needs, and the products they are probably interested in changes very frequently. Many times, your customer may or may not care about the product you thought they would interact with or buy.

    What happens on image-based social networking sites? People interact with the different images, they connect over their love for certain products and exchange these images with each other. This interaction needs to be studied in depth by the business in order to understand what their audience is likely to buy. In the past, tracking and measuring images relied on tools that relied heavily on text-based analytics. But, only a few mention the brand’s name in their conversations, which means tracking other conversations that don’t mention the brand can become difficult with these tools. That’s why you need tools that can track images using pixels, or have certain image recognition capabilities, which will help collect and analyze the image-based searches, and measure their performance for the select audience.

    eCommerce businesses are heavily reliant on customer engagement and unlocking their emotional response to a product, which can help drive more conversions. With more image based sites coming into a picture which drives in sales, it has become important to track what drives the consumers, and how they interact with visual social media sites.

    While visual social analytics is still in the nascent stage, the growth in the number of people interacting with images more than text calls for tools and methods to track and analyze the image based data.

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