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    Why Xamarin is an Excellent Choice for Native & Cross Platform Apps?

    Most businesses are taking the mobile-first approach owing to the increasing number of smartphone users, who opt for mobile app/website. It could range from just looking at reviews to searching for products online, the mobile has become the first step in the purchase funnel defined for the digital era.

    When you are talking about app, there are many tools that help you develop your idea into the perfect app. But, when you are talking about an app in the present times, you cannot simply develop it for a single platform. Even with the many tools and expertise, developing for more than one platform simultaneously can add to the cost, increase the development cycle, and reduce the turnaround time for your app. The competition can easily take advantage of this, and you will end up releasing the app much after the competition has already come out with it.

    So, what can be a probable solution for Native & Cross Platform Apps?

    When you need to develop cross platform apps for your single idea, then Xamarin can be your perfect choice. It gives a native-like experience across the multiple platforms. You just need to code once, and deploy it across the various platforms. Having been acquired by Microsoft has extended its capabilities, offering you an enriched experience across the many channels.

    The xamarin cross-platform development platform has complete access to the underlying features of both Android and iOS such as the iOS iBeacons and Android fragments that help you unleash the potential of this platform. The platform leverages hardware acceleration by compiling output to optimize the performance of the app.

    This development platform uses C# and .Net framework to help develop apps. It allows you to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

    Incredible Opportunities with Xamarin

    Xamarin offers a wide range of opportunities in terms of development and testing to enterprises, thus enhancing both user experience and security.

    Firstly, you just need to develop a single code in C# and you can share it across the different platforms, making not just development but also testing easy with this tool. The reusable code, and the native hardware features, help offer unique yet consistent experience across the platforms. The performance for the apps developed using Xamarin is as good as the native apps; in some cases it is better than what you get with the native apps. With this tool close to 75% of the code can be reused between two projects.

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    Xamarin test cloud automates testing for 2000+ devices, while Xamarin insights helps you understand the app usage, gives you insights on your customer, and builds a perfect user base for your app. The learning curve is reduces, which allows you to embrace innovation. The reduced time to actually test the app on various devices can be attributed to the fact that you just need to write a single script for all platforms.

    The amount of opportunities Xamarin offers because of the small learning curve is immense. If you want to add complex components into a mobile app, while ensuring quick launch then Xamarin would work best for you. You don’t need to establish the code twice, and the complex components can be easily added in. Xamarin saves a lot of testing hours, and helps release high-performance apps quickly, unlike native app development process. Home automation and other IoT applications can be easily devised with xamarin platform.

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