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    Xamarin Supports the latest iOS update from Apple for Enhanced App Experience

    With the growing use of smartphones, mobile applications are rapidly rising in popularity and importance. For a business to reach its audience and stay ahead of competitors, it needs to have a satisfactory mobile experience. With the increase in demand for mobile applications for businesses, developing high-performance applications that can be used on multiple platforms was of utmost importance. The developers had a difficult time in writing different codes for the same application to make it compatible with all the platforms.

    Xamarin, the Microsoft-owned software company, introduced cross-platform mobile application development and made it easy for mobile developers to develop and test apps. Developers can now write the code for the app just once in C# and use it to deploy and run apps on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, and MAC. App development was taken to the next level with the adoption of Xamarin as it saves a lot of time and efforts of the development team.

    Read on to know what’s new for Xamarin.iOS

    At the WWDC conference this year, Apple announced the release of new updates to all its operating systems and APIs. With the release of the latest Xcode’s GM Seed from the company, Xamarin recently announced its support to developing and deploying mobile applications to the updated Apple AppStore. With this update, developers can now use the .Net code, written for Apple devices to run on more number of devices like the watchOS 3 and tvOS 10.

    Here we will see the preview of how Xamarin supports iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

    iOS 10

    Apple has included new APIs and services in the iOS 10 SDK update. For Xamarin, it allows developers to add new features and app categories. Developers can include extended functionality and unique experiences to its Siri, Phone, Messages and Maps apps to enhance services. The update has a new UI framework that allows enhanced customization to the applications. It has several new Xamarin.iOS app extensions like call directory, notification content, reporting services, intents and sticker pack to provide extended support. iOS 10 has better privacy and security enhancements that enhance user safety and improves the security of the code.

    watchOS 3

    With the release of Apple’s latest watchOS 3 SDK, Xamarin developers can use the new APIs and its new extended features and functionalities to enhance app performance and speed of navigation. New tools for media, graphics, motion and fitness have been added to the device. These tools have access to new features such as accelerator, monitoring heart rate in real-time and gyroscope. The apps developed in Xamarin.iOS can have direct access to SpriteKit, Apple Pay, SceneKit, HomeKit, etc. that will enhance the performance of the apps.

    tvOS 10

    The new tvOS 10 SDK lets you bring your Xamarin.iOS apps to life with new features and categories of apps by using its new services and APIs. This update includes new user interface styles that provide both dark and light themes that can be adapted according to the user’s preferences. ReplayKit is one of the latest additions to tvOS that enables live broadcast of gameplay. Another enhancement, PhotoKit lets you share photos with iCloud Photo Library.

    macOS Sierra

    The Apple previews are not limited to just mobile devices as the updated services can be integrated to Xamarin.Mac applications as well.  With the new macOS Sierra, developers can develop apps using new APIs that allows the users to interact with their websites and apps in new ways. Apple has released the new Apple File System for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS.

    Xamarin developers can now take advantage of this update if they have the latest Xcode 8 Beta installed in the system. Businesses can save on the cost of building and deploying apps with these latest updates. Silver Touch is a leading Xamarin development partner, providing enhanced user experience by delivering high-quality mobile applications. Write to us about your cross-platform mobile application development requirements to info@silvertouchinc.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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