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Android- Mobile Platform for Magnificent Applications

The more we become aware the less it is in the mobile technology field, as Sky is the limit for this. Android platform is feature rich, multifunctional, powerful package. Android is the first free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform as it enables developers to easily build magnificent mobile applications.

Android Market is an open service that lets you deal out your apps to handsets. Android phones continue to be deployed globally. It has therefore become an increasingly important concern to the developers of smart phones and the software that runs on them.


  • Fast, smooth typing with the on-screen virtual keyboard
  • Easy access to favorite apps, contacts, bookmarks, and more via home screen widgets and live folders
  • Video recording, playback, and sharing
  • Full web experience with enhanced browser
  • Hands-free calls and listening with stereo Bluetooth
  • Lots of UI refinements and performance improvements to the overall phone experience
  • New APIs and elements to enable even more innovative apps from developers

Silver Touch USA provides Mobile Application development for Android Platform. Android offers support of Java Language for developers. That is how Mobile Application Developers can construct third party applications on Java that can run on Android Platform. Android is software platform as well as Operating System, designed on Linux Operating system.

Our well equipped team has leverage experience in mobile application Development using java language and android framework. We have a team of proficiency in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

Android does not distinguish between the phone s core applications and third-party Applications, So that Android covers an area of Application Category like,

  • Communication application
  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Travel Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Utility application
  • Security applications

We also provide support of WiFi and GPS dependent application for Android Platform. Android has rich support for Audio / Media types and Graphics. It has rich support of its core library for developers to build third party applications.

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