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Are you outgrowing your QuickBooks software?

When it comes to entry-level accounting software, QuickBooks is a highly-respected solution. It s a great choice for small enterprises, but growing businesses will inevitably outgrow the limited features and performance that QuickBooks offers. When this happens, it’s time to consider moving to a true ERP solution such as SAP Business One.

Many growing companies find inventory management to be the most limiting part of QuickBooks. It only provides basic tracking and average costs. One of SAP Business Ones greatest strengths is its inventory management capability. It is also one of the major reasons companies select SAP Business One over QuickBooks.

What are the signs to look for when you re Outgrowing QuickBooks?

  • The QuickBooks application is running slower now that your data has grown
  • You have multiple spreadsheets open on your desktop to manage different parts of the business
  • Closing the month is taking far too much time and effort than it should do
  • Information sits and stays in departmental silos
  • You have limited visibility of your business information
  • You now require more robust & feature rich inventory management than QuickBooks offers
  • Your sales & customer service teams need better CRM to keep up with customer growth since the QuickBooks separate add-on solution for CRM is not integrated and has no drill-down capability
  • You find it difficult to get accurate reports produced in a timely manner
  • You re opening multiple locations or stores
  • You re selling outside the USA and need multi-currency capability
  • You re running several different software systems that aren’t integrated

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