How SAP Business One Retail Solution Benefits Modern Retailers?

  • Published : Jul,24,2019
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
How SAP Business One Retail Solution Benefits Modern Retailers?

Ever-growing challenges and a highly competitive environment keep today’s retailers on their toes. As a retailer, you need to cope with the ever-changing expectations of the customers while ensuring a seamless shopping experience across different platforms. Here, SAP Business One Retail solution lends a helping hand and help you meet the customer’s demands. It can be tailored to address specific needs and enable you to ride the waves of changing market trends.

SAP Business One (SAP B1) Retail solution is designed to keep the retailer’s and customers’ needs in mind. It can assist you to establish and maintain a strong relationship with customers through increasing engagement, enhancing trust, and offering a personalised experience whenever they visit your on-line or bricks and mortar retail shop. Here we highlight key benefits of SAP B1 Retail solution to show that it is an ideal solution for multichannel retail business.

    Key Benefits of SAP Business One Retail Solution:

  • Streamlining processes
  • From placing an order to delivering a product- the SAP Business One Retail solution can streamline the entire ordering process with ease. You can rely on this robust solution for managing every process right from selecting, packaging, shipment, and delivery of the order.

  • Seamless connections
  • It is easy to connect the POS operations with the Head office operations. Here you can either deploy an SAP solution like SAP Customer Checkout, or alternatively connect your existing EPOS solution. As a result, your customers can securely and quickly pay for the products they have ordered.

  • Payment process integrations
  • SAP Business One Retail solution can integrate barcode scanning with printing and payment process mechanism to allow a safe and seamless transaction. Also, customer accounts management feature allows you to deposit credit and discount against the customer’s account directly.

  • Managing stock
  • SAP Business One Retail solution offers stock adjustment and management at your fingertips. The real-time sales and stock updates allow you to make informed decisions rapidly while averting the ‘no-stock’ situation. Using an Automated process, you can ensure that replenishment orders are placed when the stock is required, not when it runs out, ensuring a steady flow of stock from manufacturer to store to customer. You can keep the right items ready at your store when customers arrive.

  • Bringing automation
  • It is possible to automate the processes of merchandise planning, stock forecasting, and real-time replenishment. What’s more, centralised data can help you manage every operation with ease.

  • Controlling marketing channels
  • SAP Business One Retail solution is one of the most powerful and popular ERP software solutions that assist you to manage and control various marketing channels for your retail business. You can also put an age restriction on dangerous products like cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and also include sell-by dates for foodstuffs or medicines using traceability.

  • Handling loyalty program
  • SAP Business One Retail solution offers a full range of deals, discounts, coupons, and promotional offers. You can easily manage the loyalty program and get a loyal customer base to drive your business.

Which business-critical operations are done by SAP Business One Retail Solution?

  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • SAP Business One Retail solution enables retailers to manage the inventory easily. It provides accurate stock and store management to avoid any ‘out of stock’ situation. It also assists retailers to manage stock transfer shipment, good issues receipts, etc. to streamline the inventory management process.

  • Replenishment Management
  • Replenishment Planning holds a key to success for the retail business because it can eliminate the possibility of ‘no stock’ scenario. The replenishment management is based on in-stock quantity, minimum order quantity, open sales orders, and the like. All these factors contribute in enhancing the sales prediction and SAP Business One Retail solution can automate these factors to optimise the process.

  • Sales Prediction
  • It is easy to make informed decisions quickly with the real-time data available on inventory, cash flow, and store management. You can also get the data regarding updates in sales and price to forecast the product demand more effectively.

  • Dashboard-based Control
  • SAP Business One is an ERP solution known for offering complete control on the dashboard. In the SAP Business One Retail solution also, the dashboard has drag-and-drop features optimised for multi-channel retail processes. The solution also provides full cashier control with accounting and cashing up facilities. With this, you can choose the screen layouts and color scheme in line with your business model. It is also easy to get real-time and interactive reports through such dashboards.

    Wrapping Up

    It is fair to mention that SAP Business One Retail solution can manage all the processes of your retail business. You can manage a range of operations with ease through this solution. SMBs can get a 360-degree solution for controlling financials and managing the supply chain. What makes SAP Business One Retail solution more preferable is the fact that it can be easily used by small, mid-sized, and large online retailers alike. You can consult a reputed SAP Business One partner to know more about SAP Business One Retail solution.

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