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Itron selected SAP Digital Core for its Active Grid Solutions

Itron selected SAP Digital Core for its Active Grid Solutions

Itron Inc.- a technology and services company selected SAP HANA platform to enhance and extend the value of its Active Grid solutions. The announcement was made on 10th October, 2016 at ninth annual SAP for Utilities conference held in Huntington Beach, California. This conference offers an opportunity to customers, partners and prospects to discuss thoughts with utility, state and local peers around the world.

Since the company is dedicated to the intelligent use of water and energy, meter data management solution on SAP’s Digital Core will help utilitiesdrive more operational efficiency and increase customer engagement.

Itron’s customers will enjoy real-time access to data on SAP HANA thereby allowing utilities have instantaneous and deep insights into their systems. Such rich data will also help utilities create new rates and tarifs, improve revenue protection and promote grid awareness. Itron’s industry solutions on SAP HANA will bring more success at a remarkable pace and scale.

SAP HANA provides Itron with a digital core on which to run our solutions that is capable of processing data quickly and empowers our customers to run their businesses with the speed and agility the current utilities landscape requires,” said Bruce Douglas, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software and Service at Itron.

According to Lloyd Adams, National Vice President of Utilities at SAP, utilities in the present day and age need to be more efficient and flexible and require differentiated management processes in order to abide by new regulatory mandates, a constantly growing population of consumers, emerging business models and plenty of data coming from IoT. He added, “With Itron’s leading meter data management solution running on SAP HANA, utility companies can run their businesses more efficiently to deliver world-class customer service, simplify their operations and transform into truly live businesses that can adapt quickly to ever-changing market conditions and demands.”

Did you know that SAP Business One 9.2 and its Version for SAP HANA is now available on general release?

SAP has always been able to reach up to the expectations of each industry by providing specialised technology and services. Co-innovating with its partners and customers and creating new features using learned lessons from different industries with a poeple-centric approach lies core to its strategy. This cross-industry expertise makes SAP a partner of choice of global companies like Itron. With this utility transformation, customers will perceive providers of water and energy as value-added partners in the inventive use of utilities around the map.

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