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J2 ME: A Complete Platform for Mobile Technology

Java ME platform is a compilation of technologies and specifications that can be joined to build a complete Java runtime environment specifically to fit the requirements of a particular device or market.

Java Platform, Micro Edition which is called as J2me offers sturdy and supple setting for applications running on mobile and other embedded devices- mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), TV set-top boxes, and printers. Java ME consists of flexible user interfaces, tough security, built-in network protocols, and support for networked and offline applications which could be downloaded enthusiastically.

Applications based on Java ME are handy across many devices, yet influence each device s local capabilities. J2 ME was originally designed for the constraints connected with building applications for small devices.

The Java ME technology is based on three elements; a configuration provides the most basic set of libraries and virtual machine capabilities for a broad range of devices, a profile is a set of APIs that support a narrower range of devices, and an optional package is a set of technology-specific APIs.

This offers a suppleness and co-existence for all the players in the eco-system to flawlessly cooperate to offer the most appealing experience for the end-user.

Silver Touch USA has a strong team of devoted employees hence it provides offshore development and Outsourcing services banking upon experience in executing projects based on Mobile Application Development using J2ME. J2ME Developers of Silver Touch have tremendous talent in creating applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

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