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Joyous Joomla Extensions – a package of Multiple Utility

Joomla module is the best way to showcase fresh content with style. The following is a list of its main features. The uniqueness of Joomla has made it stand apart in IT crowd. The multiple utility of Joomla has made users stick to it. Joomla is bliss for the end users. Let s have a look on Joomla and its wonderful features.

Xmap – Automatically creates a Site Map element on your website. If you add or delete a page, your site map will get updated automatically.

CCnewsletter – a simple newsletter sign-up component with subscriber list management capabilities. This understands your template CSS, but needs tweaking if you want it to look meticulous. Unavailability of reporting features can lead you test and send your own emails, import and export you list of subscribers, but you will not be able to see the traffic or visits.

SimpleCalendar – this feature is the most loved one! This If you need to post a calendar of events on your website, for seminars, trade shows or whatever – this component is very handy. It allows you to choose your own colors. The only two things can be changed is a link back to the author (a tiny one, not invasive) and a “back” arrow icon displayed next to each listing. When these are not necessary, let it be displayed on demand only.

JComments – this is a well known component in the Joomla user community. It is used on this site, right here, in the blog section. It works well and looks well, so it is highly recommended to those having a blog on their Joomla site.

JCE editor – this is a high utility article editor component. There are other – fancier – editors available for Joomla, but this one is more convenient as it offers the ability to add links to your own pages via a drop-down menu and by copying a URL. You can add images too.

Gtranslate – this offers translation of your pages into 20+ languages. But it cannot translate modules and plugins.

JoomlaPack everyone must have this, as it allows you to backup your website online. Don t forget to click on the backed-up file and save it to your hard disk. The restoration of the backed-up file is not easy as the actual backup, but it works very well when you learn how to do it.

MassContent – if you want to publish many articles at once or simply you need to publish a lot on daily basis, then you must have this component. With this, you can publish a blog, news release, a static article from all one place.

Google Verify – this plugin allows you to verify your Joomla website on the Google webmaster central. Google will generate a line of code where you will need to paste inside this plugin – and voila, you can get statistics about your website the way Google sees them (your links, your pages, your coding error, things like that).

BIGSHOT Google Analytics – this plugin permits you to enable Google Analytics website statistics tracking on your Joomla site.

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