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    Trends in Learning Management Systems for 2016

    Education is about helping students learn and get sufficient knowledge. It is all about passing concepts and information a person should know. But, that is the basics of education. When you look at the larger picture and the intent, you realize it is all about the methods, infrastructure and the end products that help educate the kids. This industry is huge and it is constantly evolving. Technology has become a major part of this industry, which essentially takes care of the complexity of the industry. Innovation is the need of the hour, and that’s why you need technology to be an integral part of the industry.

    Learning Management System was a major evolution of the technology within the education industry. It is a software application that manages administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of eLearning, making learning easy and convenient for both educators and the students. It was designed to help educators collaborate with the students, for a better learning environment. 2016 will see some interesting trends taking over this system. Learning Management Systems will evolve to include blended learning, which happens to be the need of the hour.

    Let’s take a quick look at some of the interesting trends that will take over education industry in 2016.

    Taking on the Cloud

    Cloud based LMS seems to be the going trend. The cloud based systems are powerful, and aim to further the educational systems while reducing the overall costs and improving accessibility. With cloud, you can access these systems anytime from anywhere. A collaborative environment is formed, which enables improved efficacy and efficiency. It helps further the education system, while cutting down on costs and infrastructure utilization.

    “No Vendor Lock” Models

    The open source systems are responsible for the expansion of the education industry in the recent past. The time has come to blend the open source with the commercially supported models to create the “No Vendor Lock” models, where the vendor can give the code to the client along with the commercial license and support. This trend will further customization options, which will render service continuity and dissolve the proprietary barriers.

    Personalized Learning Environment

    There is a growing need for personalized learning environment with LMS. They are basically open systems that offer a more structured eLearning pattern. This interface is customized to meet the needs and preferences laid out by the end user. This platform will bring together the blogs, YouTube, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn forms at a single place, using which you can hone your skills. It understands the learner’s interests and the existing gaps and produces courses and necessary information accordingly. It contributes towards knowledge using conversations and new content.


    The combination of game based thinking or ideas and mechanics of learning to inspire learning and further engagement is termed as gamification. It is not limited to education, but has expanded into training within corporate also. It has taken the corporate training to a new level reducing the stress associated with learning, and improving the retention levels. LMS that implements gamification furthers engagement, and improves the overall education solutions offered.

    Social Learning

    Combining social with learning helps improve facilitates communication and improves sharing of information. Learning improves with collaboration and sharing. Social learning is gaining more following as compared to regular classroom learning.

    Mobile Learning

    It is time to think beyond desktops. LMS providers have started going mobile, in order to cater to the huge number of students and educators who are on mobile. BYOD is another reason why LMS is going mobile. LMS has started incorporating HTML5 to make the system mobile friendly, A lot of authoring tools vendors’ have started creating HTML5 elearning authoring tools to further the scope of LMS.

    Here we have talked of few trends that will escalate in 2016, and ones that educators and institutes should adopt as soon as possible. Silver Touch caters to learning and education industry with the ideal learning management system solutions. Get in touch with us at info@silvertouchinc.com to learn more about our capabilities.

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