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Now protect your BlackBerry with SilverSuite by Silver Touch

Being a utility app, Silver Suite presents variety of features based on multi-purpose performance. An all-in-one app lets you prevent your BlackBerry® device using Anti-Theft, Battery status & Alerts, Reboot device, and App Lock, gets you information through Device information, and 3-Party Installed App Detail and allows you to know Memory Status of Phone easily. Silver Suite s detective feature notifies you through SMS and E-Mail. As said, “Quality matters”, Silver Suite does standalone to fulfill all quality standards. Analyses of features are as under


  • Device Information: General Information, Device Name, Device Manufacturer, Device Owner, IMEI Number, Device Pin Number and IMSI Number.
  • Reboot Device: Phone Switch Off, Reboot – It restarts the device rapidly with just one click and there is no need of battery pulls to restart the device.
  • Batter Status and Alert: Battery Status, Set alert alarms against battery status.
  • Application lock: Password protection for selected apps like messages, media, address book, calendar, browser and other third party application.
  • Memory Status: Memory status of Flash Memory, RAM and SD Card.
  • Application Detail: Lists all installed third-party applications, Option to Delete & Run applications.
  • Anti Theft: Anti Theft uses the Blackberry GPS chip to locate the device location and send it to our servers from where user can locate your device location. The application sends device location when a user enters the wrong password three (3) times. The application also sends an email with the location URL using Google Services and thus the same can be seen in any browser with internet connectivity.
  • For successful performance of SilverSuite BB Anti-theft feature, Internet connectivity is a must!

Download Silver Touch s SilverSuite today and protect your BlackBerry easily. You can avail SilverSuite from BB Store – https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/51965

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