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Search Engine Optimisation vs Pay Per Click

In this computer dominated era people believe in visiting your site more than your words! It is very important to have a strong presence in Search Engines, to target you audience. But now a tantalizing question is whether you should go for SEO or PPC (Pay Per Click ads on Google search)  There is a growing divide between these two arsenal groups.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization requires time to sprawl about as it is organic.  SEO being organic seems to be more creative as they take a holistic approach to Web sites. They work on and off often help produce creative content like blog posts, viral/social media marketing material, and landing page copy. It can be laborious or tedious but they keep catching you constantly.

SEO is a long time planner, slower, steadier approach which has a lasting value to a site value that wouldn t instantly die off if the budgets were cut, like this these people bring longevity to their clients Web sites gradually.

Brilliant SEO workers often enthusiastically engage with other members of a company, especially PR staff. They re always trying to rope people into getting involved, whether through setting up corporate Twitter accounts, representing the company in forums, or writing guest blog posts. Some SEOs find it hard to keep out of other promotional work because they want to add some SEO benefit to other teams work but often it s just their natural interest in marketing coming out.

Creative, long-term planners with the patience to gradually build authority and presence tend to be great at organic SEO. A well-rounded optimization professional will be able to perform strongly in every area. However, employers should try and balance their teams, to make sure they have insight and intuition in all areas of optimization. It s better to have staff members who are strong and passionate in one particular area rather than merely acceptable across all the required skills. That means you need to pay attention and make sure you re recruiting the right mix of people.

Pay Per Click

Now let s take a glance on PPC. Those who prefer paid search tend to be more analytical and naturally mathematical. These people enjoy watching for patterns and working to take advantage of these patterns.

Although PPC fanatics enjoy watching for and analyzing patterns, they also love the thrill of a risk that pays off. Sometimes they ll rely on their intuition and take a gamble with a budget – risking part of it to increase an employer s returns.

Those who prefer PPC are far better at focusing on one problem and giving it their full attention. They like finishing jobs and will often be the driving force behind a project s completion. Ask employees what projects they have enjoyed the most working on to date, find out what they would recommend various Web sites focus on as an online strategy. Find out where their enthusiasm lies, because that s where their strength is.

These are the pros and cons of SEO vs PPC.  The choice is yours, readers! Contact us at info@silvertouch.com or Call us at +44 – (0) 203-872-5140 – for SEO Service in USA.

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