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Social Networking / Social Bookmarking have become features of Business Society

Few years back, we could never think of business by social networking. It was a taboo. But now it is an open secret and everyone goes for it. And the question is why not? You must have stumbled upon many pinging services by this time. Everyone has heard of social networking sites like twitter or Facebook. You are also aware that these sites help in drawing traffic on your website. May be, in the process you business is boosted. Have you ever thought on this line that social networking can help improve your business sales?

First of congratulations for not taking your eyes off this article! You will be introduced to all these pinging services along with their utilization. Not to worry about the learning process, it is very easy to get tuned in. Before this you need to be acquainted with couple of things.

Pinging is really an enjoyable task if you have your own blog. Blogs such as WordPress will enable you to ping your post automatically. This may not get you huge traffic, but there are constant pings that are going around every time you ping. This will push your ping quickly to the bottom of the main page, lowering your probability of having your ping seen by others.

In social networking it not only gains some attentions but also reaches everyone who is interested on your friend lists. For example, in twitter you may not only tweet to your follower list, to get wider attention, you need to manually add more followers from twitter. This can be a highly time consuming task.  You need to retweet your tweets to get noticed. This is same with Facebook, where you have to add more friends to gain more attentions from the target audiences.

As far as social bookmarking is considered, you can always rebook mark your site or an article with separate titles and description. In the process you come to know which title catch the attention of the visitor and finally transmitting traffic into sales. One good feature of social bookmarking is you don t need to add friends or followers to get noticed. This allows you to concentrate on optimizing the description and title of your bookmarks.

Let us assume that you have a blog plug- in which enables you to have ping customized as per your wish. You can change and customize the title and ping them respectively. After this you can submit blog post to article directories like Goarticles.com. Goarticles.com grants you instant approval, where you can post those links onto your social networking sites. These can multiply your links and your article helping you get indexed quicker than your blog post as article directories are search engine crawlers favorites.

Then next step is to bookmark all the links to your articles and blog posts. This automatically increases the traffic. This is how you can showcase your content to the potential clients over the internet. This also can enhance your link popularity as most of the sites have high page rank and are DO FOLLOWS. You can post your articles and blogs as frequently as you wish. In the long run you will be flooded with huge targeted traffic.

Shortcoming of social bookmarking is that you need to submit your bookmarks in multiple sites to be effective. Sometimes it is painful to bookmarks submitted to multiple sites, as every internet marketer wants to capture potential customers. You need to repeat the steps of registration, e-mail activation and bookmark submission for every social bookmarking site. Being tired of this whole procedure, sometimes you avoid it.

Imagine an automated tool, just click a button and your bookmarking to multiple sites is done! Within seconds your submission is done. With just that, you will most likely increase your traffic at least more than 200%, as you can now place more of your focus in optimizing your bookmarks or optimizing other factors of your site that can bring in more sales.

Now you may be aware how to go about social bookmarking. Use this tactic as it brings good returns. Social bookmarking will definitely help you to get your business boosted.

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