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Top Benefits of RPA Bots and Tips to Ensure Successful RPA Implementation

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Mundane and repetitive tasks take a lot of time for employees every day. Such tasks also affect the company’s productivity and overall efficiency. CIOs find a solution to this issue in RPA bots and make their workforce free to focus on their core activities. This blog will discuss the benefits of bot development services and tips to implement RPA bots successfully in your company.

Importance of RPA in Modern Enterprises

As Wikipedia defines, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is an emerging technology based on software robots or AI workers for automating business processes. It is fair to mention that RPA is not a replacement for human workforce but it saves time of employees so that they can focus more on creative and critical tasks.

Gartner has predicted that by 2020, the RPA market will grow to $1 billion and spending on RPA software will reach $2.4 billion by 2022. Some of the business giants like Walmart, Ernst and Young, and American Express have already implemented RPA bots to perform diverse and non-critical tasks including handling customer queries, entering data, recording transactions, and the like. The most common use of RPA bots is answering customers’ queries.

RPA technology streamlines many back-office operations in the domains of HR, finance, and accounting, RPA bots can fetch useful data for auditing and compliance. The biggest advantage of RPA is it does not require any specific hardware or infrastructure. The RPA software can work in sync with your existing IT infrastructure, and you can easily integrate the RPA software with the existing business system. Unlike conventional IT automation systems, RPA technology can adapt to changing circumstances and needs.

RPA software can readily manipulate data, initiate automatic actions, and trigger responses after understanding the actions of various processes. Unlike a simple IT automation system, RPA technology has a wide scope for automation and high scalability. RPA system can work autonomously thanks to AI and ML technologies. Let’s go through key business benefits of RPA bots.

Business Benefits of RPA bots

  • Reduce overheads by handling multiple tasks at once
  • Process many requests simultaneously to provide excellent customer service
  • Work 24x7x365 without taking a break
  • Bring automation and increase accuracy in the business operations
  • Save money and effort while enabling your employees to focus on other important tasks
  • Reduce manpower in service centers of large enterprises
  • Bring better analytics and facilitate the company management to meet compliance needs
  • Act as a bridge between legacy systems and smart technologies like AI and ML

Bot development services can assist your company to leverage all these benefits while addressing diverse business needs. From development to implementation, the RPA bot development company can take care of every aspect effectively.

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Tips for Successful RPA Implementation

After going through the importance of RPA in the corporate sector, let’s go through some useful tips to ensure successful RPA implementation.

Define the Roadmap

Just like any other project of your business, RPA implementation also requires careful considerations. You need to set your expectations on the basis of technological advancements, market trends, and your business needs. Though the bot development services provider can assist you in RPA implementation, you need to define a clear roadmap to make the most of RPA bots. For example, if you want to digitize data, you can do so with the help of machine learning technology integrated with RPA.

Your focus should remain on automating repetitive tasks while defining a roadmap. You can determine the objectives of RPA bots and resolve all the subsets of your existing process to make automation seamless. Simply put, it is advisable to consider the impact of automation before actual implementation.

Define RPA Bot Governance

RPA bots need proper management and regular maintenance. Many CIOs wrongly believe that once deployed, the bots can work of their own. However, in reality, RPA bots need some time to reach this stage and require the integration of software updates and security patches periodically. Let’s understand this fact with a simple example- every time, when you change the password, the bot cannot be able to log in if you have not updated the password elsewhere. By defining the governance, various issues can be easily identified and you can run bots seamlessly.

Integration of RPA bots

Typically, chatbots or front-office bots are designed to communicate with customers and employees and accomplish various tasks. Based on the predefined objectives, the bot can be integrated with different enterprise systems like CRM, intranet, and HR knowledge bases to get access to the corporate data. Here, modern APIs are important because they enable chatbots to get access to the necessary information with ease. If the business system has no modern APIs integrated, then the RPA bots may not be able to retrieve important information.

Reasons why RPA-Bot Integration is a Game-changer

The combination of RPA technology with bots is powerful enough to bring automation in the processes. Here are two major reasons why RPA bots can be considered as a game-changer for modern businesses.

1. RPA-based chatbots can be integrated with multiple back-end systems of your company. RPA technology enables chatbots to get information from these systems and handle various queries or requests from either customers or employees.

2. Similarly, chatbots can trigger RPA to perform particular tasks that are repetitive in nature. In a way, your company can get such tasks done without human intervention.

Modern enterprises face several complex yet common problems these days. RPA bots remain handy to resolve such problems while meeting the ever-changing expectations of customers in a cost-effective way. RPA bots have a power of automation capability of RPA technology and the self-service feature of a chatbot. All you get is higher productivity and more efficiency of agents as they do not need to spend time on routine activities like gathering data and performing paperwork.

What’s more, RPA bots can remain proactive in offering a personalized experience to your customers. The ML technology can enable RPA bots to fetch and analyze large volumes of customer data for sending more relevant and individualized offers to your customers.

Concluding Remarks

The development of RPA bots is still in the nascent phase. As RPA bots will be streamlined in the corporate sector, companies will bring intelligent and engaging conversational experiences for customers and employees alike. However, early enterprise users have an opportunity to make the most of chatbots by integrating the power of RPA technology. They can reduce business costs and increase productivity by combining bots with RPA. On implementing bots, companies can take automation to the next level.

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