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A leading direct marketing and sales service provider wanted a solution that would help improve collaboration and communication between the service providers and the end clients for personalized promotions.

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Client Pain Area

The client did not have a system to promote their products to the end users. They did not have a systematic process to manage the orders of the users. Moreover, there was no system to manage projects, accounts, orders and promoters.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that would work towards collaborating the clients with the marketers to make promotions easy and convenient. They wanted to be able to manage the recruitment as well as products within the system. They wanted to improve client communication so as to deliver personalized offerings.

They needed data in real-time, which could help in insight building and analysis that could help them take informed decisions. They needed a schedule management solution to manage, and monitor their resources, and the actions taken for promotions.

The Solution

  • Keeping in mind the client requirement and budget, Silver Touch Technologies has suggested the web portal with Asp.Net 4.0 technology.
  • We have used the MVC architecture and Telerik controls for MVC.
  • Proposed solution provides the facility to the client to offer promotional services to end-clients.
  • At the same time, the proposed site will allow the client to recruit the promoters to sell or promote client’s products, typically in public places such as supermarkets and city square.
  • Provided quote for single and multilingual sites. Proposed Portal has all dynamic processes/modules
  • Portal will have many advanced functionalities for filtering run time operations
  • We have used third party tool for graph and charts
  • Portal handles all the modules such as promoters, accounts, projects, locations, and configurations in a dynamic manner

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & Framework.Net Framework 4.0 with MVC Structure
LanguagesASP.Net, C#
DatabaseSQL Server 2008 Express Edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 6.0
Operating SystemWindows XP SP2, Window 7, Windows Server 2008
  • Telerik controls for MVC & Customization in Telerik grid
  • SMS Gateway
  • Complexity
  • Linear and normal spreading of target from quarterly planning to weekly planning in account planning with dynamic grid
  • Customized quarter wise paging and week view
  • Dynamically update target value according to quarter planning
  • Repetitive grid based on titles in project
  • Telerik nested editable grid with 3 level in quarterly planning
  • Location Planning Page
  • Team Planning and team detail page
  • Configured Order Export management and export functionality from scanned order to excel sheet
  • Product management with custom attribute management and its integration with Order module
  • Location popup with filter facility for locations availability with detailed information
  • Web application has been developed to promote products with employee management, order management and location management for End Users.
  • Team planning would be done on daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.
  • Admin can configure resource and change it into Dutch and English languages.
  • User will be able to view planning of pending task and directly go to that section on clicking on that and after location planning is approved, it will be automatically removed from the list.
  • Account Manager can manage daily targets and its status with color system on weekly basis as per team.
  • There is color system to show target level if it is under target it will display in red color and green color for accomplished target.
  • Products are managed by its title, subtitles, and subscription whether it is sold or not and includes movement of sold items.
  • Back officer can do customized export of the data to excel sheet from scanned orders.
  • Promoter’s timesheet is also there to display schedule of promoter on daily basis.
  • We have made location planning page where new teams will be created with max four location assignment per day.
  • Already planned teams can be deleted after locations and promoters are assigned.
  • This application is useful to promote products
  • End client’s products will be managed dynamically
  • Application user can recruit promoters online and plan interviews
  • They can recruit employees to manage projects, accounts, orders and promoters
  • Application users will be able to set target to sell products
  • They can get detailed information regarding sold products with order details
  • Application user can get perfect location to promote products
  • Users can preview the product selling status, team-wise as well as project-wise
  • Administrator will be able to manage all modules dynamically
  • User can filter projects, project wise, project manager wise, and office wise
  • Users can access modules as per given privileges
  • Different dashboards are available for different users
  • Project managers will be able to add/update/delete project. Project managers can view or change the project status.
  • Using config export functionality order can be configured with excel sheet with customized fields and mentioned order in application
  • Search functionality enables the users to search project, team, promoters, products, orders and location quickly and easily
  • User can create memos and tasks. User can add date/time, specific text and select user for which they show up. After submit they show up with selected users. Each user has to actively check off this task/memo to remove them
  • Project manager can view target of team, persons per team, order per person on daily ,weekly and quarterly basis in account planning