Event Networking Application

Community Based Application to Organize & Manage Events

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  •  Symfony

A social networking services provider needed a community based platform to help find, manage & organize events for the end clients.

Event Networking Application

Client Pain Area

The client organized a lot of events for their end users. The whole management and organization of these events was manual. The event mailer invites and even the guest list was managed manually, which led to reduced productivity and inefficiency within the organization.

They were unable to concentrate on the ideas and concepts for the events, as most of the resources were working on organizing and managing the event online. They could not innovate, and their conversion rate was not very high.

There was no transparency between the client and their end users.

They could not reach out to more people due to limited visibility.

Business Objectives

They wanted to create a community of their end users where members can create events and send invites for these events. They wanted more visibility for the events, which would help reach out to more people.

The solution should improve the transparency between the clients and the users.

The Solution

We proposed a community based application using Symfony Framework 1.2 over the Apache web server on the Windows based platform. Authorize.Net + PayPal and shipment will be implemented through table rate and flat rate.

The application would act as a social network to find and organize events. Using this application, users can create events, send invites and reach out to more people. The community application would help find events based on interests, location etc.

SOCY should be able to create Location Area near to created events, filter/search event based on created location area and ask question regarding the event. The admin can define the acceptance policy for the participants, based on the type of target and the event type.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkSymony Framework 1.2
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemWindows, Linux
  • CBA & PayPal Express Checkout Integration
  • Getting automation of data feed for Amazon and Google shopping engine
  • Product Page Customization with Color options using Color Swatch Extension integration
  • Visibility improved incredibly, which increased the number of people joining the event
  • Transparency increased, which led to satisfied customers
  • Events can be managed and organized in a better way
  • Easy to create profile, and events with this app
  • Better search functionality introduced in the application offering ease of use to the users