Powerful Data Visualisation with SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting Tools

  • Published : Jun,25,2019
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
Powerful Data Visualisation with SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting Tools

In our day to day organisational activities, we gather massive volumes of data such as client data, employee data, vendor data, inventory data and a whole lot of information. The challenge is transforming this constructive data into timely analytics so that we can take the precise business decisions.

On the other hand, ensuring that you are getting the most out of these data sets is crucial. So, you want your SAP Business One solution to work smarter than just offering to invoice, everyday finance, or fundamental reporting. What you want is to utilise your SAP Business One solution as a source for making better business decisions. So how do we covert these thousands of pieces of data into instantaneous reporting and analytics?

SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting Tools

By using SAP Business One analytics and reporting tools, you can incorporate all functional areas of your business along with your accounting, sales, production, operations, supply, purchasing as well as services. It offers you real-time access to each and every detail so that you can make enhanced and informed decisions to run your organisation more resourcefully.

The business challenges with your legacy systems include sluggish reporting and ambiguity when making decisions, complexity in locating the data required for analysis in hand, dependency on IT teams for reporting and awkward integration with 3rd party tools which complicates the professionals in an organisation.

There are numerous reporting alternatives for SAP Business One however let’s talk purposely about SAP Analytics and SAP HANA. Thanks to fresh developments the answer to transforming big data into immense levels of decision making just got simpler by SAP Business One Reporting tools with analytics.

SAP Business One Analytics by SAP HANA

  • SAP Business One Analytics with Reporting
  • It assists in generating and executing reports on the latest data sets in no time that too without any assistance from IT or consulting teams. SAP Business One even performs what-if analysis with the data series you use for the most part of your operations.

  • Pre-defined SAP Business One Dashboards
  • It offers cash flow analysis on real-time data of pre-built dashboards utilising SAP HANA solution platform. For instance, it will tailor the insights around the business processes such as recommending customers when inventory items will be accessible for shipments.

  • Productivity Tools
  • With SAP Business One Reports, you can utilise predefined data and multifaceted data sources to analyse information and generate reports, and use Excel to discover as well as inspect real-time data.

  • Reports and Dashboard Design
  • SAP Business One Reports enables to create new reports and modify present reports in distinct layouts with nominal IT cost. Access reports from different perspectives; improve visibility of sales analysis reports, defined KPIs, and have prevailing visualisations in SAP Business One.

  • Search Functionality
  • Uncover and way into all data sets in SAP Business One with enterprise search functionality.

    Business Benefits of SAP HANA™ Platform

    SAP HANA simplifies all your business requirements by letting you way in real-time business analytics and lend a hand to create reports in just seconds, improving competent and more rapid performance along with enhanced decision making. HANA is specially built for SME’s to facilitate and boost scalability along with increasing your business effectiveness.

  • Single in-memory Computing
  • The technology blends transactions and analytics into single in-memory computing for better business processes, superior innovations, and straightforward interactions.

  • Quick Decision-making
  • It provides swift reporting, quick enterprise search options and way into more data than before with access to business information through SAP Business One reporting tools.

  • Empowers Different Stakeholders
  • It empowers employees and other stakeholders by enabling them to generate benchmark and ad hoc reports on a real-time basis that too without any IT team support.

  • Elevated Return On Investment (ROI)
  • By using transactional and operational data captured in SAP Business One it enables to make the precise decisions to catch-up early on the initial investments making things secure.

  • Keeps things Straightforward and Simple to Handle
  • For SMEs, keeping things effective but trouble-free to manage is the main concern, as they don’t regularly have the IT resources to fix and sustain with software complexities. The added benefits of this solution are that there’s no longer a requirement for integrations to third-party software that set hurdles in your IT landscape. You can deploy it without any interference or disturbance in your day to day business tasks.

Key Takeaways

If you want to enhance your organisational decision-making and simplify business oriented processes, then SAP Business One is the best solution. As it offers commanding integrated analytic and reporting tools that let you way in the crucial business information and make things easier with its key business functionalities.

SAP Business One analytics and reporting solution tools apart from letting you generate tailored reports to meet precise business requirements, it even provides a useful benchmark and handy reports. These reports can be integrated into a dashboard to make everyday reporting operations readily obtainable and executable on a real-time basis with a simple click of the button.