SAP Business One in Food & Beverage Industry – Benefits You Need to Know

  • Published : Jan,8,2020
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
SAP Business One in Food & Beverage Industry – Benefits You Need to Know

Opportunities knock the doors of your food and beverage business if you are ready to meet the ever-changing consumer demands while following all the regulations. Think of on-demand fresh meals delivery, vegetable and dairy products’ home delivery, or online shopping of organic products, the food and beverage industry is thriving globally. All you need are food and beverage ERP solutions to address stringent regulations and flexibility of accessing the food products.

According to Report Ocean, the global food traceability market is expected to grow from $11.89 billion in 2017 to $19.22 billion by the end of 2024, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.10%. Today, an ERP for food and beverage industry can go beyond bringing automation in packaging and labeling. It can ensure compliance with standards and improve your company’s efficiency to deal with complex challenges. An ERP is a software that can enable your company to

  • Monitor and track movements of every product across the supply network
  • Preserve the right formula for every product
  • Reduce time to market for various products
  • Maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Reduce the chances of human errors
  • Keep the product costs low without compromising on quality
  • Automate workflows and ensure compliance
  • Let’s delve into the business benefits of food and beverage ERP solutions built on the basis of SAP Business One.

Major Benefits of SAP Business One ERP Solutions for Food and Beverages Industry

Digitalization and Automation

In today’s competitive era, you need to stay away from the traditional, paper-based, and manual approach to keep all the records. SAP Business One empowers your business to digitize all the operations and enables you to manage all the records. You can easily monitor every movement of all your food products and manage the entire supply chain. What’s more, you can have an audit trail to retrieve any information.

Regulatory Compliance

ERP for food and beverage industry supports legal standards and GMP guidelines like EMA, FSMA, BRC, GHS, IFRA, etc. along with other industry-specific requirements. Your company can comply with all such standards through advanced ERP solutions. Be it finding any important information at any point in time or managing all stages of production, the ERP solution never lets you down. You can get an advanced records management facility and stay ahead of the curve.

Food Safety Management

Today, the food and beverage industry encounters auditing-related difficulties that include regulatory, customer, supplier, and internal aspects. The ERP software can maintain the audit process as per the requirement of this industry. Your company can easily meet international standards in terms of food safety with the help of food and beverage ERP solutions. SAP Business One has an inbuilt system for quality and compliance management. It can enable you to prevent even the smallest production issue from becoming a grave problem.

Inventory Management

When it comes to SAP Business One inventory management, you can easily track byproducts, yield, wastage, co-products, and even recalled products. This ERP software can also assist you to track warehouse movements as they happen. You can keep the wastage in check and increase productivity by ensuring better utilization of byproducts.

Material Management

One of the biggest reasons for the delay of food product launches is the slow and manual formulation process. Still, many food and beverage companies rely on manual production process. Such companies fail to respond to rapidly changing regulations, market trends, and customer demands.

SAP Business One offers automated formula and material management capabilities to SMEs and even startups. It enables them to respond dynamically and quickly to the customer’s demands. Food and beverage companies can grab many opportunities. It is possible to reduce the TTM (Time to Market) without increasing the cost with the help of ERP solutions for food and beverages.

The material management feature also enables the companies to prevent the product formula from any external forces.

Quick List of SAP Business One ERP Solution Benefits for Food and Beverage Companies

Small and mid-size businesses in the food and beverage industry can make the most from a robust SAP B1 ERP solution. Have a look at the major benefits.

  • Increase in overall efficiency and optimization of yield
  • Complete audit trail for full traceability from the root level
  • Improved customer loyalty and increased sales
  • 360-degree business management with full visibility in various aspects
  • Actionable insights to make cost-effective buying decisions with the help of demand forecasting tools
  • End-to-end assistance from purchasing to inventory management
  • Complete assistance for telesales operators through telesales module
  • From inventory to sales and product distribution to returns- everything is in sync
  • Integration of various processes across different business locations
  • Integrated delivery route planning for increasing efficiency
  • Effective goods distribution process for distributors and customers
  • Better supply chain management and improved supplier management
  • Simply put, you can keep your company ready to tackle any challenges while providing quality products to your customers. SAP Business One ERP solution takes care of every aspect of your food and beverage business so that you can focus on quality and customer services.

Concluding Lines

In the age of digitization, your food and beverages company cannot leave behind. With SAP Business One ERP for food and beverage industry, you can readily meet the prevalent standards and comply with all the regulations. What’s more, SAP Business One can give your company a competitive edge by increasing efficiency and enhancing the productivity of business operations.

At Silver Touch, we understand the requirements of the food and beverage industry and come up with the most suitable ERP solution. If you want to give your company an SAP Business One advantage through robust ERP solutions, just send us an email at Our experienced consultants will contact you soon.