SAP Business One Version 10.0- Features and Functionality Improvements You Need to Know

  • Published : Jan,15,2020
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
SAP Business One Version 10.0- Features and Functionality Improvements You Need to Know

SAP Business One has many enterprise-focused features that make it a preferable choice for SMEs and startups globally. One of them is a regular update. Yes, it keeps the ERP solution up-to-date and gives a boost to your workflow with the help of advanced features. Maintaining its tradition of keeping pace with evolving technology and changing market trends, SAP Business One has recently introduced the latest version- SAP Business One Version 10.

Let’s go through some new tools and performance enhancements in this latest version of SAP Business One. We have also added videos to help you understand these improvements in a better way.

SAP Business One Version 10- Tools and Improvements for Modern Business

Financial Management Enhancements

Financial management is crucial for any size business. SAP Business One Version 10 has three major enhancements in this domain.

• Posting Period Enhancements

These features or enhancements include an addition of a new checkbox to the posting period window. It is useful for defining the default due date while creating new timetables.

• Extended Journal Entry Remarks

Journal Entry has the Remarks field in the SAP Business One software, In Version 10, this field is increased to more characters to enable the users to describe the transaction in a little more detail.

See below video for more explanation

• Drill Down to G/L Accounts

This is one of the most important enhancements of SAP Business One Version 10.0. SAP has provided the customers an ability to drill down to G/L account (General Ledger Account) in financial reports. It provides software users with direct access to customer account details and balances in an easy way. This feature also improves the scope of a chart of accounts or a collection of all general ledger accounts used by the company.

Sales and Purchasing- Enhancements

The sales and purchasing domain has two enhancements in the SAP Business One Version 10.0.

• Hide Blank Lines in Address

This functionality remains handy to hide any empty lines in the address across different types of documents. It can improve the readability of documents.

See below video explaining more.

• Backorder Report

The latest version of SAP Business One comes with the Back Order Report enhancements. Now, you can see A/R Reserve Invoices alongside a status included in the filter table. This enhancement brings more clarity and transparency in Back Order reports.

Inventory Enhancements

SAP has focused on inventory management as well in the latest version of SAP Business One. To provide more control over inventory, SAP Business One Version 10 has come up with these improvements.

• Serial and Batch Number Management

It is easier and more convenient to manage serial and batch numbers in the latest V10 version. SAP has given an option to update A/R Reserve Invoices and Inventory Transfer Requests along with the necessary information. What’s more, users can also add warehouse codes and names in the Serial Number or Batch Management Update form.

Watch below video to know more about these enhancements.

• UoM Group Changing

Apart from an improved serial and batch number improvement, users can get greater flexibility in changing the Unit of Measure Groups on the Master record.

Production- Enhancements

Other useful enhancements are given in production management. They are focused on BOM (Bill of Material). Here is a brief information of it.

• Updated Item Description Applied to BoM

In SAP B1 Version 10, the users will get updated item descriptions to BoMs. It increases simplicity in production management.

Click here to know more about Production Management Enhancements

• Drill Down from BoM to Item Master Data

Another improvement is the ability to drill down data from BoMs to Item Master Data. It also helps the users make more accurate descriptions and improves the co-ordination between BoMs and Item Master Data.

Project Management- Enhancements

• Gantt Chart

This is a newly introduced feature in the project management field. This interactive feature allows SAP Business One users to drag-and-drop various project phases along with timelines with ease. What’s more, users can quickly change the activities from shortening to extend and vice versa. The Gantt Chart offers a different dimension for both planning and logging key milestones in the project management. This was one of the most widely requested features for the latest version.

See the below video to know more.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these enhancements, SAP Business One Version 10 has introduced new tools to improve the usability and security of this robust platform. If you want to know more about all the features and how they are useful to take your business to the next level, just send us an email at Our expert and dedicated business consultants will get back to you soon.