SAP Business One for Construction Company

SAP Business One for Construction Company

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  •  SAP B1

The client builds and sells modern homes and commercial spaces. They have built residential and commercial complexes covering 1.3 million sq ft area that include high-rise, low-rise, apartments, bungalows, and tenements, among other infrastructure.

SAP Business One for Construction Company

Client Pain Area

The client faced difficulty as the CRM process and data entry process were manual. The client had a legacy system for the purchase reports. There was delay in the approval process and the report generation was time consuming and tedious.

Business Objectives

The main objective of the client was to develop a system that helps them better in managing their projects, equipment workforce, and finances with quick and easy access to real-time information. They wanted to align the design and construction to maximize productivity.

The solution should optimize inventory with better resource planning and management. Also it should establish new revenue streams with complete lifecycle services.

The Solution

To fulfill the client’s requirement, Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. proposed the use of SAP Business One ERP software. This solution will help to automate the key business needs of the client.

  • Difficult to map construction process
  • User resistance
  • Monitoring stage wise expenses
  • RA (Running Account) bill process
  • Fixed asset integration
  • IPhone and android integration with Sap B1
  • Dashboard integration with cockpit management
  • Real time report for Flats sold/ unsold
  • 4 different companies with different businesses created
  • Complete insight across projects, from headquarters to field project
  • Analyze project schedules, resources, progress and earned value with integrated project systems
  • Manage project changes in definition, scope, cost, and schedule to reduce risk exposure
  • Manage mid-project variations and their impacts with single project view that combines both the operational and the financial perspectives
  • Hassle free CRM process
  • Alert, Report and Approval management
  • Ease of use
  • Statistical Reports for decision making
  • Speedy online approval procedure for all departments
  • Reduce time and cost
  • Improves after sales support