Online Store for Perfumes

Integrating Physical Stores with e-Commerce to Manage Inventory & Distribution

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A leading perfumes manufacturer & seller required a solution that would improve its online presence, and integrate the online store with the physical outlets for better inventory management and distribution. They wanted to establish a global presence, and a strong corporate image for their unique fragrances.

Online Store for Perfumes

Client Pain Area

The client manufactured authentic traditional fragrance with the help of modern techniques. They offered a huge collection of perfumes with a hint of Arabic & French fragrances.

The client’s reach was limited to UAE and nearby countries; they were unable to reach out to the global audience. They had about 42 physical stores, and it was becoming difficult to manage the inventory across the different physical stores.

Despite being renowned, their sales were not up to the mark, and the manual inventory management was proving to be tedious.

The fragrances differed with the ingredients, and the pricing changed with the ingredients. The client had to manually price the customized perfumes based on the ingredients within them, which was tedious.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a system that would help automate the pricing of the custom perfumes, depending on the ingredients within them.

They wanted a solution that would manage the inventory at the 42 stores, and the online store, and take care of the shipping & logistics for the stores.

They wanted to increase their reach, and improve the revenues for the perfumes

They wanted to make gifting and other purchases possible with their online store, to offer more convenience

The Solution

Silver Touch proposed the website to be developed in Magento open source platform with PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend. Custom java script based functionality was developed for home page banner management and CMS functionality for static pages, managed by the administrator. Silver Touch has also proposed integration with MigsVpc server for payment gateway and 3rd party integration with MigsVpc server for payment gateway and 3rd party integration with social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter).

  • Following functionality were added to the solution
  • Login and registration functionality for end users to place the order
  • Two types of searching functionality: Normal search by product name and advanced search by category and price
  • Display nearest local store on Map, based on end user’s IP address
  • Multi-lingual (Arabic and English) website
  • Smartphone and iPhone compatible website
  • E-mail integration for sending product details to users’ friends
  • Product wise Stock Inventor y
  • Management of orders, stock, products categories & products, out-of-stock products, end users accounts, and offers
  • CMS Page management by administrator
  • Wish list functionality for future purchase
  • Newsletter functionality for registered users
  • Integration with social networking site Facebook and Twitter
  • Authorized users will be able to share product details on social networking websites
  • Single currency option in AED format

Along with that we have proposed following extension for client’s specific requirements

Extension NameDescription
SILVER Up-SellDisplays multiple “Up-selling” Products for various main products based on country and state wise.
SILVER Cross-SellDisplays Cross-sell products to front end users in list or grid view based on location.
SILVER Discount & Special OffersDisplays all offered products simultaneously and also contains special priced products.
iPhone Theme (Smartphone/Tablet Compatibility)Makes website compatible with Blackberry, Android OS, and Windows Phone as well.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMagento 1.4
LanguagesPHP 5.x
DatabaseMySQL 4x/5x Server Database
Web Server/Hosting PlatformApache
Operating SystemWindows 7 (Development) Linux (Deployment)
  • Integration with Google Map API for Store Location Functionality
  • Integration with MigsVpc payment gateway for secure online payment through MasterCard
  • Reach improved substantially, which helped increase the revenue
  • Ability to customize quantity for products from frontend; auto pricing calculation based on quantity & ingredients of the product
  • Stock management made easy
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Availability of shipping discount based on customer’s location
  • Easily find nearest store on Google map
  • Secure online payment facility through credit and debit cards
  • Easy to import/export the orders and stocks
  • Integration of physical and online store for better inventory management