Integrated Treasury & Financial Management System

Integrated Treasury and Financial Management System For Directorate of Accounts, Union Territory Administration of Daman & Diu

  •  Government Financial Sector
  •  Dot Net, MS SQL

The Directorate of Accounts is one of the key departments of the Union Territory, Daman. This department is pivotal to managing the budgets, expenditure & revenue, as well as in assisting the other departments that come under the U.T. Administration of Daman & Diu.

The office of the Directorate of Accounts needed an automated solution which would help the authorities focus on budget expenditure, improving investment performance, & managing the funds efficiently. They needed real time access to financial information, which would help reduce the overall costs and make them more efficient.

Integrated Treasury & Financial Management System

Client Pain Area

The client was using a partially automated system at certain locations viz., PAOs office and few NCDDOs1. The operations at the other Offices in the Union Territory were carried out manually.

Handling complex operations like Strong Room activities to Accounts & Payables, Human Resource, and Budget & Funds related activities was a tedious, time consuming and inaccurate. It was increasingly difficult to track & interpret the data as well as the financial transactions and provide meaningful reports at any given point of time.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to integrate all the operations such as Budget, Fund Management, Bill Processing, Payments, Receipt, and Accounts & Reconciliation modules of the Union Territory Administration Department for effective decision making, and improved efficiency.

Officials at the Union Territory of Daman & Diu intended to have a single secure system that takes care of all the operations of Strong Room, including indenting and E-stamping, Human Resource activities like Employee management, Payroll, Pension, GPF, Claim management, Loan, NPS, Quarter Management, DMS (Document Management System) and FILIO.

They wanted to effectively monitor & control the state revenue & expenditure, thus managing the U.T. finances to optimally utilize the same for citizen centric projects, with the support and coordination of other departments.

There was a need to keep a track of budget allotment, payments & expenses, and effective delivery of citizen centric services. The objective was to manage the whole budget process as well as the release of grants and funds to the different Government departments. The data from the different sources should be made available in real time to enable informed decisions.

The Solution

We designed and proposed a close knitted, integrated framework using Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight framework and used MS SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition as Database server. The solution defined would integrate the different operations within the department which includes Strong Room, Finance Department, CDDO2/NCDDOs, DoA/PAOs, C&AG/CGA, and citizens including pensioners.

Three different database servers are positioned. Data will be made available to the Directorate of Accounts from the different departments, which will help monitor and control the revenue & expenditure within the state. The data will be tracked for budget allotment, payments and expenses as well.

Secured login and Role & ACL based Authentication was developed to ensure secure data access. Emails and Bill sanction updates were managed through executable scheduled tasks. Core application UI will serve as single entry point for all shared data and secured data access was given only to authorized users of UT.

Treasury and Financial Management System, Document Management System and HRMS were deployed as independent applications on webserver

Completely developed, integrated system facilitated following tasks with ease:

  • Collection of remittances from various sources
  • Bills processing
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Payments, Receipts & Reconciliation
  • Compiling account statements
  • Strong room operations including the maintenance of stamps, E-stamping
  • Digital Signatures
  • Secure authorization using Biometric thumb impression
  • Human Resource operations were never so easy. Single click access to employees’ service book was one of the notable achievements
  • Pension payments

Development Environment

Technology & FrameworkMS .Net Framework 4.0, Silverlight framework 5
LanguagesASP.Net, C# 4.0, VB.Net
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformInbuilt dev. web server of VS 2010
Operating SystemWindows 7 SP1
EmailSMTP server of STTL

Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMS .Net Framework 4.0
LanguagesASP.Net, C# 4.0, VB.Net
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.5
Operating SystemWindows Server 2012
EmailSMTP server of STTL
  • Data Migration: There was a huge volume of data available with the Directorate of Accounts, which required to be converted in the digital format, without altering the existing business logic
  • To capture the data and generate the MIS reports, three different database servers were used at the same time. Using three different servers simultaneously, and capturing data efficiently in real-time proved to be a challenge during development
  • There was a need role based security, as well as secured login with the help of biometric thumb impression at certain locations. The development, implementation and monitoring of this secured login system proved to be a challenge
  • Converting physical formats for employees’ service book at all 135 branches of the Union Territory into digital format
  • There was complete integration of the different operations which were a part of the Treasury of Union Territory of Daman & Diu, which offered accurate data and reports in real-time, which helps make informed decisions
  • The department was able to monitor the budget allotment as well as the payments and expenses thus keeping a track of both the revenue as well as expenditure of the state
  • The real-time data regarding finances, and availability of data from different departments helped the directorate of Accounts deliver citizen centric services efficiently, thus offering them convenience
  • Secured authentication assured confidential and more secure transactions
  • Facilitated the NCDDOs and CDDOs to generate and submit bills online.
  • Monthly Expenditure Report generation was never so easy
  • Facilitated online reconciliation of payments / receivables at DoA and PAO level
  • Seamless incorporation of budgetary regulations through re-appropriation
  • CAG/CGA are given facility to access all Government Orders, Budget Orders. Re‐appropriations, additional allocations, Release Orders, Sanction Orders
  • Citizens are facilitated with online payments, and centralized grievance system. Special provision given to address pensioners grievances
  • Pension calculator to facilitate the pensioners to calculate the impact of new revisions in pension schemes
  • Approvals through digital signatures
  • Secured access to confidential data through biometric thumb impression