Zero Based Budget

Zero Based Budget

Budgeting & Reporting System for Ministry of Finance UAE

  • Finance & Banking
  • MOSS 2007 & MSSQL

Ministry of Finance, UAE is responsible for planning, preparation & execution of all the fiscal, monetary and industrial policies which affect the economic development. The ministry practices Zero Based Budgeting to match the pace of economic development, and to fulfill the need for large scale infrastructure development. They needed a solution that could help collaborate, and personalize the information as well as the infrastructure to help make informed decisions.

Client Pain Area

The Ministry of Finance had been using the incremental budgeting practice, but owing to the rapid financial and economical development observed in this territory, the improvement in GDP as well as need for large-scale infrastructural development, the government switched to Zero Based Budget. This new budgeting method understands the difference between original budget requests and approved budgets, and addresses the issues related to low transparency within the system.

This new method required the key decision makers to go through all the information available before making a decision. The availability of data to the decision makers was an issue. The Federal Government employees had to go through individual files, located in the archives or within local servers, by gaining access to it, and then finally make the decision. This led to reduced productivity and performance, which led to delay in decision making process.

The strategic decisions that were made eventually were not being monitored and administered effectively. There was a lack in the transparency within the system.

Business Objectives

The Ministry of Finance, UAE wanted to establish a system which could help maneuver the Zero Based Budget effectively, thus maximizing the social impact of public spending, and helping in better utilization of resources. The aim was to integrate all the available information that was important in making the decisions in one place, easily accessible to the Federal Government Employees.

The client wanted to create a system which would help make informed decisions, thus improving the productivity and efficiency within the system. There was observed underutilization of the available resources, which meant the need to track and monitor the resources which would help in allocating them appropriately, thus improving the pace of budgeting decisions.

It was important to manage the cash flow within the Federal Government, as well as establishing, monitoring, & implementation of Federal Accounting Rules and Procedures.

The Ministry was also required to prepare the UAE financial policy, financial analysis and economic predictions, which called information as well as collaboration within the system.

The Solution

We proposed a Zero Base Budget intranet portal based on MOSS 2007 framework with MS SQL Server 2005 for backend database management, which would be integrated to the existing MoF website. This solution was developed for two languages: English & Arabic.

Using this portal, the Federal Government Employees can retrieve information that is required for planning, implementing and monitoring the budget at one place.

Secured login and Role & ACL based Authentication was developed to ensure secure data access. The information retrieved would help in expediting the budget process, thus helping make informed decisions. Only authorized employees could login to the system to gain access to the information.

The solution would offer a collaborative and personalized environment to the authorized employees.

It was designed to manage all the documents related to Annual Finance Budget like budget handbooks, circulars, legislations, archives and especially financial reports.

The solution also helped in content as well as document management, thus making all information available and accessible. It offers to be a hub for all the officials who have been granted access, to collaborate and communicate.

Case StudyTechnology

Development Environment

Technology Specifications
Technology & Framework MOSS 2007
Languages ASP.Net, C#
Database MS SQL Server 2005
Web Server/Hosting Platform IIS 6.0
Operating System Windows Server 2003 SP2

Deployment Environment

Technology Specifications
Technology & Framework MOSS 2007
Languages ASP.Net, C#
Database MS SQL Server 2005
Web Server/Hosting Platform IIS 6.0
Operating System Windows Server 2003 SP2
Case StudyKey Challenges
  • During the development, it was essential to consult the 53 ministries involved, and acquire a list of the approved assets to be included in the system
  • While development, it was essential to offer role based security to the authorized government employees. The reports and budget circulars for the 53 ministries were available in the intranet portal, and the role-based security had to make sure that the documents/ budget circulars for one ministry could not be access by the other ministries, which proved to be challenging in development
Case StudyResults
  • The new system could integrate the documents required for budget planning & implementation, while offering role based authorization
  • It helped make informed decisions with higher productivity
  • Collaboration became easier, and decisions could be taken with speed
Case StudyBenefits
  • Content and document management made easy, thus offering convenience to the important stakeholders
  • Decisions made were more informed, and quick
  • Performance of the whole ministry improved, owing to higher productivity
  • Reduced costs