Audit & Reporting System

Web/Mobile Audit & Reporting System for PDAs

  •  Healthcare
  •  ASP.Net, MSSQL

A leading Health Service Monitoring Systems developer in healthcare industry needed a solution that would expedite service delivery of audits using handheld devices.

Audit & Reporting System

Client Pain Area

The client had Health Service Monitoring system which was able to capture data based on user inputs post inspections from pre-defined kiosk or desktops. There was disconnect within the system in place, as data was captured at one location while the report was being done from a different region altogether, owing to this disconnect the data being captured and submitted wasn’t in real time. The client was unable to monitor remote staff, sites and operations, which led to inefficiency in audit.

The data captured and relayed had to be viewed manually, and there was no system which could process the data, and analyze it to generate results. This caused delay in action, which led to dissatisfaction. The overall performance of the audit of health services suffered owing to inaction.

This increased the risks for the health services and the overall costs.

The Health Service Monitoring systems were moving to a remote environment, and it was important for the client to audit keeping in mind the compliance standards.

Basically, the client needed a system in place which could help expedite the Health Service audits in real-time, and help take necessary actions immediately, thus reducing the risks.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to establish control over the organizational functions. The client wanted to be able to capture, manage, process and audit the data from the field in remote environment. They wanted to be able to monitor the remote staff, sites and operations in real-time.

They wanted information related to availability of resources, effective use of these resources as well as compliance to standards and legislation in real time. The aim was immediate access to information, and swift action to issues, thus making the organization more efficient.

The client did not want to restrict itself to auditing, but also wanted a system that could manage the different tasks, schedule it, thus reducing the costs and risks involved.

The performance and compliance reports were important for the client to understand how the organization is performing, and what strategic steps need to be taken to improve the situation.

The company wanted a single location for data capture as well as report generation.

The Solution

We proposed a web/mobile audit and reporting system using Windows CE Handheld PDAs which allowed capture and processing of audit data related to different health services in real time. The Solution was proposed to be built using ASP.Net framework, and third party Web Service API O2S.

The solution would include two interfaces, a web based interface for report generation and a PDA based interface to capture data on-site in real-time.

The captured data would be synchronized with the centralized database over web services API, which would then be available to all the decision makers on their web or mobile interface. The Decision makers can send in corrective actions to the respective PDAs through the centralized database.

The PDAs were to be password protected, and can be accessed by the authorized person only, for performing corrective action immediately.

The solution was designed using SoA (Service Oriented Architecture) and SaaS (System-as-a-Service) delivery model to offer real-time monitoring and audit of the different health services.

The system was designed to meet the changing client needs and keeping in mind the different requirements that may be posed by the different healthcare organizations, and the need to monitor and analyze several audits at the same time. The solution allowed task scheduling and management, as well as logs of alerted tasks and corrective actions taken against them.

Development Environment

Technology & FrameworkASP.NET 3.5
DatabaseSQL Server 2005
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 6.0
Operating SystemWindows XP SP 2 & Windows 7

Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkMicrosoft Compact Framework 3.5, Microsoft , Sync Framework 2.1
LanguagesMicrosoft C#.Net
DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server Compact (SQL CE 3.5)
Web Server/Hosting PlatformN/A
Operating System
DeviceHoneywell Dolphin 6000, 6500 and Dolphin 70e Black

This project was executed in 2007 which was initial stage for handheld development

  • 1. Capturing and Transmitting data in Real-Tim
  • 2. Synchronizing Offline stored PDA data with central database using web services and to achieve quick synchronization.
  • 3. Managing user roles and permissions on web panel and ensuring the same to handheld.
  • 4. Generating accurate summary reports in PDF format
  • 5. Automatic PDA application version update using Push Technology.
  • The auditing performance has improved substantially owing to accurate data capture and processing
  • Reduction in overall cost for performance monitoring & reporting
  • Secured transmission of data
  • Increased efficiency in offering corrective actions, thus reducing the overall risks facing healthcare services
  • Enhanced reporting options to enable quick decisions
  • Time savings and cost reduction
  • Improved staffing efficiencies
  • Increased performance levels and reduced management costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Helps offer highly competitive and responsive services