Centralized Education Management System

Managing the Education, Training & Resources for Higher Education in Haryana

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  •  ASP.Net, MSSQL

The Department of Higher Education, Haryana required a solution to improve quality of higher education and ring in transparency within the education system.

Centralized Education Management System

Client Pain Area

The Department of Higher Education, Haryana had a decentralized manual system. Managing the different employee transfers and training needs manually was tedious.

The client had to manage the different institutions that it headed manually, and all the information related to a particular institution was stored locally. Admission process, recruitments as well as training procedures were recorded manually, and the data was not available in real-time, which made taking decisions and processing the flow very difficult for the Department.

As most of the resources were engaged in processing admission, and all the administration related activities, the Department was unable to concentrate on expansion, or improve the pedagogy.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to improve the gross enrolment ratio as well as expand the number of institutions under its realm, without giving up on quality.

They wanted a transparent centralized system that helped empower the students and offered them good opportunities was the need of the hour.

The ultimate goal is to create an education hub to offer quality higher education.

The Solution

We proposed a content management system solution to the client, using ASP.Net framework. The transparency requirements were fulfilled using a flexible and informative database. The proposed solution included a centralized system that coordinated all the processes like colleges, management, teachers, students and other necessary processes. Features like content authorization, role based access, records management, report generation, automated admission process etc. were added to rope in flexibility and convenience.

The solution included functionality like online admission process, scholarship management, administration, event calendar etc. to streamline the different activities that are processed within the Department, thus offering convenience to the administrator, instructors/faculty and the students.

Development & Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkASP.Net 4.0
LanguagesC#, JQuery, JavaScript
DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows 7
  • Integrating the different processes from a decentralized system and getting accurate data in real-time was a challenge during the web portal development.
  • Total 51184 students have applied online using this portal till date
  • Data for 88 Government Colleges out of 96 has been captured in the database.
  • Data of about 2030 teachers has been captured in the database
  • Digitized admission process that will help improve gross enrolment ratio
  • A transparent centralized system that will help coordinate the various different verticals of education system- students, teachers, administrators, etc. thus offering a base for quality education
  • A web portal with an integrated CMS solution helps manage the database perfectly, thus helping in monitoring, tracking and measuring the quality of education available to the students