Comprehensive Business Management Solution

  •  Manufacturing
  •  SAP Business One

A leading manufacturer of instrument transformers, air circuits, switch boards and breakers required a solution to integrate & automate the different processes related to manufacturing and business, so that they can make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Business Management Solution

Client Pain Area

  • Poor inter-departmental communication
  • Complex sales process
  • Improper data management
  • Report generation- a time consuming & tedious process

Business Objectives

The client wanted a solution that would streamline & integrate the different business processes, so that real-time information is made available to the top management to make informed decisions.

The solution should offer a complete control over the business allowing better asset utilization and resource management.

The objective is to have a flexible and scalable solution

The Solution

We proposed SAP Business One solution which offers streamlining and integration of the different business processes. This solution offers 3 level approval process typical to the purchase department.

This solution enhances the customer relationship management which is core to the business. It also streamlines the complex manufacturing process to offer better control and visibility.

As part of our solution, we offer to design Item coding for the various manufacturing stages.

  • Complex manufacturing process
  • Short period for Implementation
  • Complex Sales process
  • Resource allocation made easy
  • Improved productivity which leads to increased profitability
  • More structured data helps in strategic &operational decision making
  • Availability of Real time information
  • Enhanced control over business operations
  • Make quick business decisions
  • Smooth inter-departmental operations