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Manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes required a solution that would integrate the different verticals within the business for better planning and management

SAP Business One

Client Pain Area

  • Large Production
  • Tedious task of managing Excise data
  • Poor quality management
  • Multiple independent solutions

Business Objectives

The client wanted to integrate the different functionalities to improve decision making and manufacturing capabilities of the company.

They wanted to improve the operational efficiency and the productivity while reducing overall costs.

The Solution

We proposed SAP Business One solution using which the different functionality and verticals of the business can be integrated. This proposed solution helps improve the manufacturing capabilities thus complying with the standards.

The multiple independent solutions are integrated under one platform. This means the data will be available in real time to the key decision makers, which will help them make informed decisions.

  • Three different product variants with different processes
  • Short period for Implementation
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced overall cost, with higher productivity
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved Lead times and increased sales
  • Accurate cost information
  • Optimize inventory with smarter resource planning and management
  • Ensure compliance with industry, quality, and regulatory standards
  • Accelerate time to market, facilitate innovation, automate processes, ensure compliance, and more for high-tech manufacturers