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Meet All Major Needs of Life Science / Pharmaceutical Industry with a Single Scalable Cloud ERP Solution

The global life science / pharmaceutical industry has seen a significant advancement in the past few years and is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the healthcare economy. They are adopting SAP Cloud Solution for life science & pharma industry  to improve the efficiency in business operations, increase productivity of the employees and to respond easily to market demands & changes. Using SAP Business One cloud ERP, this industry integrates the functions of manufacturing, planning & scheduling, accounts & finance, supply chain, logistic, quality control and customer relationship management.

Compared with other industries, chemical companies are among the least confident in their pricing decisions and the least likely to raise prices regularly. The complexity of recipes or formulas makes cost tracking a challenge for process manufacturers. Ideally, the cost of every ingredient should be tracked, based on the quantity used and its chemical characteristics (e.g. potency).

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Accurate monitoring of manufacturing to maximize throughput enables manufacturers to respond proactively to problems and reduce downtime in the plant. With increasing complexity of bills of material and multi-constraint production resources, such as machines and labour skills, your ability to provide accurate customer delivery dates is getting to be a complex task. Real-time data access in production is vital whether it’s related to products, processes, or machines operating in the factory. In the past, when production fell short of established goals, manufacturers traditionally added more machines and operators to the workforce.

Quality management is critical for process manufacturers needing to comply with a plethora of laws and regulations, which can vary depending on where the products are made and sold. Maintenance in the manufacturing environment is one of the most complicated types of maintenance in comparison to construction, transportation and service business.

Business functions of Life Science Pharmaceutical covered in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Solution:
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Product Order Management
    • Routing and Scheduling
    • Production Planning
    • Time & Production Data
    • Material Requirement Planning – MRP
  • Inventory Control: Serial Control / Serial Number and Lot Control
  • Trace & track
  • Quality Control & Release Management
  • Scrap Management
  • Contract Pricing
  • Activity Management and Reporting
  • Import and Export Management
  • Compliance and Maintenance
  • External Production
  • Integration Hub
  • Calculation / Product Costing
  • Version & Revision Control
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Plant Maintenance/Service
  • Mobile & Web Modules
SAP Business One Cloud ERP solve your business challenges
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science manufacturers to have complete control of their manufacturing operations
  • Ability to provide an accurate delivery date is a challenging task, when dealing with complex
    formulations and multi-constraint resources combined with large number of orders.
  • With integrated production and logistics management, you are capable to promise and deliver timely.
  • Challenging to stay in control of your production as it happens
  • Optimisation & Control your production resources
  • Plan your production based on times and maintenance constraints
  • Comprehensive formulation with by-products and wastage
  • FEFO and shelf-life surveillance
  • Inventory management under controlled storage conditions
  • Serialization and product traceability
  • Optimisation & Control your logistics resources
  • Leverage barcode scanning technology to streamline all warehouse transactions
  • Reduce inventory and operation costs
  • Life sciences companies are necessarily held to a high standard of public trust
  • Companies are expected to maintain a real-time view of their compliance programs’ effectiveness.
  • Trusted products requires life sciences companies to serialize their drugs and medical devices to assure
    full backward and forward traceability
  • Inefficient recall management and limited traceability is jeopardizing your brand.
  • Never lose sight of the quality and traceability of your products
  • Cost of every ingredient should be tracked based on the quantity used and its chemical characteristics
  • Wasted raw materials and ingredients cost needs to be tracked
  • Ability to capture real costs at the batch level provides granular cost visibility
  • Ability to capture, assign and compare actual and standard costs for all finished products
  • integrate all that information into one system, which is where most companies face a real challenge in
  • Ability to help reduce costs, prevent losses, increase revenues, and help organizations identify new,
    potentially profitable business opportunities.

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