Waybill & Invoicing Application

Integration of Waybill & Invoicing Application with CRM for a Paper Shredding Corporation

  •  Startup
  •  .NET 2.0

A leading Paper Shredding Corporation offering secure, cost effective and convenient way of destructing confidential documents for homeowners as well as enterprises, required a solution that could help automate the whole process from disposal of papers to recycling the unit.

Waybill & Invoicing Application

Client Pain Area

The client provided paper shredding services to offices and homes, ensuring confidentiality of these papers. They had a manual system which logged the bin from where the paper was being collected, and the company from where the bin was being collected. The process of calculating the weight of the papers when it reached the shredding and recycle center was manual, which made it tedious and lengthy.

The manual process not only caused delay in the process, but was not cost effective and led to a lot of errors.

Business Objectives

The client wanted to integrate the different processes involved in shredding and recycling. They wanted to automate the system of nomenclature for bins as well as collection centers and the process of weighing and recycling, such that they have the necessary data logs available.

The client needed the data at different times for different purposes. They needed this data to be made available in real-time, so that they could form decisions accordingly.

They needed security in the shredding and logging processes.

The aim was to quicken the pace of shredding and make available the data at all times.

The Solution

We proposed a comprehensive with .NET Technology framework over the windows server 2003 platform with backend data management. The proposed solution is based on CRM with following features:

  • Customer Relationship Management – CRM
    • Customer Registration
    • Searching Existing Customer Details
    • Weighing Functionality
    • Email
    • Reports
  • Newsletter Management
  • Container Management (Barcode System)
  • User Management
  • Integration of Avery Weigh-Tronix/NCI model 7820r

Development & Deployment Platform

Technology & Framework.NET Framework 2.0
LanguagesASP.NET & V.B .NET, C#
DatabaseMS SQL 2005 Server Database
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS
Operating SystemWindows Server 2003 Platform
  • The client has deployed this application in numerous locations
  • The system can capture the weight (on real time basis) from the weighing scale and update the same on the local database as well as to the central server by polling from the remote end for the captured value
  • The system will show price matrix based on weight of paper. Based on the weight result and price matrix as display in the application, admin user will be able to enter pricing details on Total Amount field in this section. So, end users will know the price they will receive for the paper they are sending for shredding.