Spa/Salon Management System

Web/Mobile SaaS Based Spa & Salon Appointment Management System

  •  Start-ups
  •  ASP.Net 3.5, MSSQL 2008

A B2C software service provider for salons & spas required a solution to offer real-time communication & collaboration between professionals and end customers to expedite service delivery.

spa salon management system

Client Pain Area

The spas and salons had to schedule the appointments manually, which made it tedious and time consuming. Apart from scheduling the appointments, the spas and salons had to manage these appointments by calling to confirm, send out alerts as well as manage their websites and social networks.

The resources were tied up in this work, which did not allow them to take care of their core.

There was no communication and collaboration between the end users i.e. the customers and the spa/salon, which led to gaps, thus lowering the efficiency of the spa and salon.

There was no integration between the point of sale, and the website, which led to further gaps that required to be closed.

Business Objectives

Client wanted to automate the spa/salon management by integrating their virtual presence with the physical spa/salon. They wanted to integrate the different verticals within the spa/salon to ensure data availability and ease of management.

They needed a solution that could help their clients communicate with their specialists in real-time, and conclude the appointment schedule. The clients should be able to view the special promotions as well as latest trends, and should be aware of what kind of services they can avail.

This automation with respect to scheduling and management of schedule would lead to optimal resource utilization, thus helping the spa/salon concentrate on their core.

The Solution

We proposed spa/salon management system using ASP.Net 3.5 framework with MySQL Server 2008 for database management, which would be delivered using the SaaS model to the different spa/salon owners. Our solution included the different features like inventory management, managing payroll, call-to-confirm appointments and sending out reminders for its business users (saloon owners / service providers) along with website & mobile development. Social integration to the website and mobile was also offered as part of the solution.

Calendar management functionality will be a part of this system along with online appointments, to schedule and manage the appointments for the spa/salon. Email/text/push notifications will be used to send reminders to the customers. The proposed solution includes integration of the different functionality and the virtual sites with the point of sale for real-time data availability to make informed decisions, and expedite service delivery.

The spa/salon owners can create and manage their websites with ease using this solution, and can showcase their styles and other details with their customers to keep them updated.

Development Environment

Technology & Framework.NET Framework 3.5
LanguagesASP .Net, C#
DatabaseSQL Server 2008
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows 7
Third party ToolTechnical control

Deployment Environment

Technology & Framework.NET Framework 3.5
LanguagesASP .Net, C#
DatabaseSQL Server 2008
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.0
Operating SystemWindows server 2008
Third party ToolTechnical control
Hosting (Website & Web-services)3rd Party Cloud Servers
Number of ServersMore than 7 Servers (web servers and database servers)
SecuritySSL Certificates, Captcha
EncryptionTripleDES Cryptography Algorithm
PreventionCustom Code deployed for preventing SQL Injection and DDOS Attacks
  • 1. Outlook type calendar development and management on a web based application.
  • 2. Payment gateway integration for recurring payments, card present transactions and card does not present transactions with refund facility.
  • 3. Proximity search based on the zip-codes in 100 miles radius to search the salons in specific state and city.
  • 4. Ensuring the security of personal data of users.
  • 5. SEO implementation and dynamic URL re-writing.
  • 6. To minimize the number of post-backs to make AJAX enabled web site.
  • 7. Implementation of more than 70% of web site functionalities in iPhone application.
  • 8. SOA architecture (using LINQ) to communicate to iPhone with live database.
  • 9. Implementation of Credit card reader and bar-code reader for POS.
  • 10. Implementation of IOU and its management.
  • 11. Managing emails and text messages for appointments.
  • 12. Hourly backups and restores between two machines. So when one dies the second activates.
  • 13. Sending special promotions through emails and text messages to all the customers who come under specific radius enters by the user at run time.
  • 14. Managing the timings of all the salons reside in different states of USA by considering the time difference between them and day light saving.
  • 15. Browsers compatibility for IE/Firefox/Safari/Google chrome.
  • 16. Unit Test, Integration Test, Regression Test before deployment.
  • 17. Separate merchant Account.
  • 18. Credit card payment with credit card swipe.
  • 19. Online appointment search:
    • 19.1. By multiple booking
    • 19.2. In less than 5 second
  • 20. Graphical report
  • 21. Synchronization of database: Client website is developed in more than one platfor via single database synchronization.
  • 22. Concurrency issue: Online Booking for hair cutting by more than one user at the same time.
  • Currently it has 6000+ Saloons & Spa in USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.
  • A secured environment is created to hold the personal data of users
  • Convenience in availing spa/salon services, which increased conversion rate for the spa/salon
  • Easy to manage the appointments
  • Increased productivity, and operational efficiency