Supply Chain for Online Golf Store

Integrating Physical & Virtual Stores for Managed Distribution

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Client was established in 2000 and has grown into one of Europe’s leading authorized retailers of branded golf equipment. With a range of over 10,000 items from Golf Clubs and Golf Clothing to Golf Shoes, Golf Bags and Golf Accessories, they have 30,000 square foot warehouse that is right behind their flagship retail store, Golf In Store – fitted with the state of the art Custom Fitting Suite.

Supply Chain for Online Golf Store

Client Pain Area

The client had a store and warehouse selling golf products. They wanted to develop an online store that would be selling all golf related items such as clothes, equipments, accessories and various products to their buyers at flexible price range along with different best deals instead of offline sales. By selling the products online, it makes both the client as well as the customers to sell and buy the products respectively.

Business Objectives

Client wanted to develop robust and user friendly online store for selling golf related products and accessories. Client wanted SEO friendly eCommerce website for easy selling. They wanted to improve performance and security of their website. Client’s requirement was to convert the existing PHP based site to ASP.NET with ecommerce functionality for better security and performance. They also wanted to develop multi-lingual and multi-currency website to reach to global customers.

Client wanted to have following backend functionalities too:

  • Inventory System
  • eCommerce Management
  • Payment & Shipping Service
  • Customer Management
  • CRM
  • CMS Management

The Solution

  • Silver Touch has provided solution to the client based on ASP.NET Framework 4.0.
  • We proposed SEO and User friendly website with better performance features.
  • The proposed solution involves all processes and transactions related to payment, courier service and manual shipping at the end of day, so site administrator can view and manage all transactions together
  • SSRS reports have been used for brief information. For online payment, Sage Pay and PayPal have been proposed.
  • We have used Metapack (3rd party tool) for shipment.
  • We have also proposed to implement I18N standard methodology for multi lingual website.

Development Environment

Technology & Framework.Net Technologies , Framework 3.5
DatabaseMSSQL 2012
Web Server/Hosting PlatformSelf Deployment Server
Operating SystemWindows 7

Deployment Environment

Technology & FrameworkSelf Deployment Server
DatabaseMSSQL 2012
Web Server/Hosting PlatformIIS 7.5
Operating SystemWindow 8
  • To manage inventory, ecommerce functionality and customers in a single system was a little difficult. To resolve this issue, we developed a comprehensive web application (ERP System) which will integrate the different functionality like Inventory Management, Shipping, Payment, Customer Management, Product Planning & Cost Management effectively.
  • Change in technology (PHP to ASP.NET) due to its constraints
  • To customize dynamic email template according to entity
  • I18N standardized methodology for multi lingual website
  • Automated update receipts and generate purchase order based on stock location and minimum quantity
  • To develop order tracking system with stock allocation, margin, fraud and secure payment processes
  • Dynamic label printing and consignment
  • Client is now able to manage Inventory, Shipping, Payment, Product Planning and Financial activities under a single application
  • Order Processing and Order Dispatching process has become simple and fast with the help of this application
  • Bringing more customers by SEO friendly website
  • Website is now serving more and more clients by multi-lingual and multi-currency facility
  • Client is now able to take fast decisions with the help of Quick and Easy Report generation
  • Site administrator can keep track on the inventory
  • Smart management of customer and customer group
  • Easy tax calculation according to customer country and convenience
  • Retailer can purchase Products in bulk directly from the warehouse
  • Site Administrator can manage products which are returned by customers
  • Multiple warehouses are managed by site administrator
  • Site Administrator is able to manage payment and shipping methods as well as courier services