How SAP HANA can Revolutionise Your Business Processes ?

  • Published : Aug,14,2019
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
How SAP HANA can Revolutionise Your Business Processes ?

SAP HANA, a robust business data platform, was released in 2011 by keeping the data-related requirements of modern businesses in mind. Today, when we live in an era of intense competition and ever-changing customer expectations, the SAP HANA platform can bring a digital revolution in your business processes.

The recent research report ‘The Centiq State of SAP HANA Report 2018’ has revealed some interesting facts that reflect the SAP HANA platform’s importance in simplifying the most complex business processes and making informed decisions. This report is based on a survey conducted in the USA for HANA usage across eight different industry sectors.

Let’s understand how SAP HANA is changing the business scenario by bringing a revolution in data management on the basis of this report’s findings. These findings also show how SAP HANA brings digital transformation in the enterprises globally.

  1. Excellent ROI
  2. Around 68% of SAP HANA projects have started achieving ROI for their respective businesses. It is an outcome of the platform’s agility and capability of providing customer insights while giving a competitive edge.

  3. Public Cloud
  4. Cloud-based IT services are accountable for the higher ROI. Most of SAP HANA solutions are deployed in the Public Cloud. Around 88% of production-based SAP HANA data solutions are in the public cloud to facilitate quick decision-making.

  5. Meet Deadlines
  6. The HANA deployments are known for remaining on-time and on budget. The survey suggests that 75% of SAP HANA projects have met the deadlines without exceeding the budget. What is more interesting is the fact that SMEs can more effectively deploy the SAP HANA-based projects on time within budget as compared to larger organisations.

  7. Brings Transformation
  8. The SAP HANA platform is designed to facilitate storage, access, and analysis of corporate data. Be it transactional data or operational data, SAP HANA, with its functionality to combine OLAP and OLTP processes makes the real-time data access and analysis possible. It can help businesspersons to make informed decisions thereby bringing transformation in traditional business processes.

  9. Improves Data Integration
  10. The major objectives of implementing SAP HANA are data integration and platform consolidation. The report reveals that around 60% of respondents consider SAP HANA to serve these objectives. Real-time data integration and analytics are capable of bringing digital transformation over the period. Eventually, it translates into improved customer experience and increased productivity.

    SAP HANA can promote innovation through information and make your business ready for the future. It effectively replaces the traditional database management system that involves storage of data in hard disks thereby enabling the companies to save big bucks on hardware and maintenance costs.

    Here are the major benefits to your company.

    Key Business Benefits of SAP Business One HANA

    • Offers seamless integration of all sorts of corporate data
    • Provides real-time reporting and analytics facility to improve data visibility
    • Enables companies to make critical decisions quickly and effectively
    • Assists enterprises to analyse a large volume of data in a short time through in-memory computing technology
    • Enhances agility and improves the scalability of your business
    • Reduces IT ownership costs and overheads by managing the data
    • Increases efficiency of your business by speeding up business processes

    SAP HANA remains a single platform for both transactions and analytics. Your enterprise can get the capability of making insightful decisions based on real-time data. It also offers advantages like cash flow, enterprise search, and other futuristic features.

    SAP HANA- Major Features

    • Database Management
    • SAP HANA provides high-quality database management for simplifying business operations. A single copy of enterprise data and a secure data platform can take data management to the next level.

    • Data In-Memory
    • In-Memory Computing enables SAP HANA to process both transactional and analysis-based data from anywhere by using data virtualisation and replication.

    • Advanced Analytics
    • This feature facilitates companies to analyse the real-time data irrespective of type and origin.

    • Transactional and Analytical Processing Capabilities
    • These capabilities enable SAP HANA developers to make the next-generation business applications.

      Concluding Lines

      From enabling you to access the real-time business data to analyse it for making informed decisions, SAP HANA is just perfect for all your database management requirements. It can simplify the complex business processes to ensure a seamless performance. Even SMEs can also leverage its benefits to increase scalability and productivity. SAP HANA offers excellent ROI over the period along with a competitive edge.

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