How E-Commerce ERP Integration Benefits Your Retail Business?

  • Published : Sep,11,2019
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
How E-Commerce ERP Integration Benefits Your Retail Business?

Retailers tend to jump on the eCommerce bandwagon to give their business an online boost. E-Commerce web development solutions can certainly drive your retail business toward success while offering you a robust platform. However, in today’s competitive and challenging environment, merely having an eCommerce website is not sufficient. You need to integrate management solutions in your website to improve services and enhance the customer experience.

E-Commerce sector is thriving with as more people tend to shop products online. As per a Statista report, the eCommerce industry is expected to surpass $4.5 trillion in the year 2021. But then, it is not easy to grab a piece of the pie in a highly cluttered market. As a retailer, you need to overcome the challenges like-

  • Maintain profitability of your business amid shrinking margins
  • Survive and thrive amid intensifying competition
  • Manage quality and availability of goods to avoid shortage
  • Bridge the gap between the management and customers
  • Handle growing orders without compromising quality
  • Ensure on-time delivery
  • Receive feedback and give a prompt response to a query
  • Here, a customised ERP solution can help you. It is easy to increase the capabilities of your online shop with eCommerce ERP integration.

    Let’s see how an eCommerce ERP integration can revolutionise online operations and enable you to unleash the potential of your retail business. But before going through major benefits of ERP integration in the eCommerce business, let’s see an example of a globally-acclaimed ERP solution- SAP Business One.

    SAP Business One- Robust and Reliable Solution

    Many of you have heard the name of SAP Business One solution. It is a customised ERP solution made for startups and SMEs. Though this solution is designed categorically for SMEs, large enterprises can also leverage its benefits to grow their business online. An experienced SAP partner can readily integrate SAP Business One into your web store and you can bring smiles to your customers’ face. From increasing efficiency to improving management, an ERP solution can serve many purposes at once.

    Key Benefits of ERP Integration in E-Commerce Web Solutions

    Though retailers and entrepreneurs are aware of the positive impact of ERP integration in eCommerce web solutions, some of them prefer to stay away from adopting this integration. They may either consider the cost or temporary disruption, but when eCommerce ERP integration is done, the business can get a plethora of benefits. A few of them are

    • More Control
    • An automated and integrated ERP system can enable you to manage the financials and administration. You can get real-time data and complete control over any business information. What’s more, ERP integration enables you to make accurate reports and financial statements with your fingertips. Thanks to ERP integration, you can readily get actionable insights that help you make informed decisions.

    • More Flexibility
    • Thriving eCommerce sector opens the door of opportunities for ambitious retailers. If you want to strengthen your position in this competitive market and expand your reach into a global market, an integrated ERP system can help. You can keep the pace with changing needs of customers and get more flexibility to make your business customer-friendly. Also, the ERP system can enable you to meet highly complex regulatory necessities and region-specific requirements like documentation and taxation.

    • Less Human Errors
    • ERP integration in your eCommerce website brings automation thereby eliminating the chances of human errors. The integrated online shop can show you the complete data regarding inventory, sales, and shipping of products on a dashboard. In a way, you can get rid of manual entry errors. Also, there is no need to hire separate staff as a manager can easily handle the entire automated process through an ERP system.

    • Less Operational Costs
    • As mentioned above, the ERP integration brings automation in your process. You can streamline the operations by synchronising the data. It enables you to get real-time information about sales and online orders. Also, the inventory gets updated automatically and you can save a lot of time and resources in managing inventory. Also, you can easily optimise the process to reduce wastage and avoid shortage conditions on the basis of data. ERP integration also streamlines business processes and reduces the human intervention. A centrally-managed system can reduce operational costs significantly and you can start getting a high ROI in a short period.

    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Indeed, this is one of the biggest benefits of integrating ERP system in your existing eCommerce website. You can never miss the revenue opportunity by maintaining inventory and avoiding ‘No Stock’ situation. What’s more, transparency in information delights your customers and enhances their trust. ERP offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface with the product information, order tracking, and sales information. It helps you take the customer experience to the next level.

    • Increased Productivity
    • The ERP integration in eCommerce web design solutions allows you to receive and fulfill the n-number of orders. On one hand, you can manage product and pricing, and on the other hand, you can check sales and shipping. Simply put, ERP integration can streamline your online retail business and simplify the workflow. It reflects in higher efficiency and increased productivity.

      Real-time updates can empower your business to meet ever-changing requirements and prevalent standards. Also, you can eliminate the complexities and enhance the level of satisfaction of your customers.

      Wrapping Up

      It is fair to mention that eCommerce web design solutions need ERP integration for managing day-to-day business processes and improve productivity. An ERP solution like SAP Business One can assist retailers and manufacturers to overcome intense competition. Be it managing inventory or improving customer services, integration of ERP in your existing eCommerce website is of utmost importance.

      Do you want to expand the reach of your eCommerce business and provide improved customer experience? Our dedicated web developers can build a tailored eCommerce website with an integrated ERP to serve your business objectives. Send us an email at to know more or share your requirements. Our expert business consultants will get back to you soon.