Importance of Delivery Order Management System for Small Business

  • Published : Sep,5,2019
  • By: Kunjan Jasani
  • Updated: May 11, 2023
Importance of Delivery Order Management System for Small Business

Delivery management plays a process that involves almost all the departments of the company to fulfill a promise to a customer by delivering the products or services. Today, as we live in the era of on-demand delivery, no companies can afford to miss a delivery schedule. Here, a delivery order management system can remain handy for SMEs and large enterprises alike.

Importance of Delivery Scheduling Software for Small Business

Every business, irrespective of its size and scale, can face the following challenges in the absence of a robust delivery management system.

  • Lack of communication with drivers and product delivery agents
  • No real-time status of vehicles
  • Customers cannot get real-time updates about their orders
  • More paperwork and manual activities for the delivery process
  • Lack of information about fleet location, root, and approximate delivery time
  • Difficult assessment of pending and accomplished tasks
  • Delivery agents get no idea about the shortest route
  • Customer’s response and signature are not available instantly
  • Waste of time and resources in paperwork
  • Less productivity, efficiency, and ROI
  • Customers are not much satisfied with the delivery process

Simply put, every small and mid-size business needs delivery order management system to improve their services and increase ROI over the period.

Benefits of Delivery Order Management System for SMEs

  1. Streamlined Delivery Process
  2. Workflow automation and streamlined delivery process are two obvious outcomes of a delivery order management solution. You can get rid of managing paper-based records and allocating resources to keep a watch on the delivery activities. You can readily streamline the delivery process while reducing a few steps thanks to the automated process. Also, the delivery management system can be operated through a mobile app. It means that you can control and manage the entire system on your fingertips while staying updated on the move.

  3. Real-time Tracking
  4. SMEs find it difficult to monitor the activities of every delivery agent and the fleet at once. Delivery management solution can make the manager’s job easy by providing detailed and real-time information about the route of fleet, exact location, estimated time to reach the customer’s destination, and the like. What’s more, a dashboard shows all the activities of every delivery agent like how many orders are completed, how many deliveries are pending, how much time the agent takes in completing each task, etc. The real-time tracking can also enable you to increase the efficiency of delivery staff.

  5. Instant Route Optimisation
  6. Delivery management software can send GPS-based, optimised routes to the delivery agents that can save their time and efforts in finding the best possible route to reach the customer’s location. The manager can also track the delivery vehicles and suggest the alternative route in case of trouble in real-time. It is easy to find out the approximate time to complete the task and the exact location of the fleet with this software. The manager can also communicate with the delivery agents if they have any difficulty. In a way, the delivery management software can remove the hurdles of delivery process and keep everything organised.

  7. Reduced Dependency
  8. Mostly, SMEs have to rely on delivery aggregators for ensuring timely delivery and fulfilling the customer’s needs. However, it costs you a part of your profit because you need to pay these aggregators. With delivery management solution, you can reduce this dependency through process automation. You can readily manage the entire process through a dedicated mobile app with integrated tracking and management software. On the other hand, the delivery management solution also makes the delivery agents’ life easy. It makes the entire process more efficient and customer-centric.

  9. Proper Analysis
  10. Small enterprises are continuously in the process of improving their business operations. When it comes to the delivery process, you should monitor it and try to find the areas where the process needs more attention. The delivery order management software can assist you in proper analysis. The manager can easily find where the delivery operations need improvement and which agents are highly efficient. The system can also assist you to find issues related to customer reviews and analyse them to make customer services better. In other words, delivery management solution can assist the management to make informed decisions for more efficient delivery process.

  11. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  12. Your customers can get regular updates about the delivery status and approximate time. They can also get a notification if there is some delay in delivery with reason. Such automatic updates can enable your customers to schedule their other activities until the delivery agents arrive. It is easy to remove the hurdles related to waiting long for delivery agents. Once the delivery task is completed, you can get a notification. What’s more, you can get the customer’s feedback and signed invoice instantly with the help of delivery management software. All these aspects contribute to enhancing the customer’s satisfaction. Small businesses can thrive with a strong base of satisfied customers.

It is fair to mention that a delivery order management system can automate the entire delivery process and handle it in a way that you can focus on other productive tasks.

If you use SAP Business One software, you can integrate delivery management solution as a customised SAP Business One add-on. A reliable and reputed SAP Partner company can develop such a customised solution as per your business needs.

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